Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mini Jazzi Ole'

Oh, did I mention that Mini Jazzi is now in Mexico! She is having an absolute ball!
 Here she is hanging out with a mariachi band at a wedding!

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Mini Jazzi in Mexico!

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It Is Called Shop-itis

The stores, thrift shops and yard sales were chock full of goodies this past summer. It was if they were putting things out just for me. Alright. It was me. I was out of control. But, look at all of the goodies!

 Some children will have fun making sandcastles!

A couple of my kids fit perfectly in this! One at a time of course.

I have never seen this gazebo before. Doesn't it look romantic? Believe or not- it is by PLAYSKOOL! It normally comes with accessories to put on the top deck.
The wagon and doghouse are other finds.

Ok, how did they know how much I love Lobster even in 1:12 size?

The vanity is perfect for my adult dolly. The scooter is for an Atl. airport police officer, maybe? lol

Lights, camera...

The teens will love these outfits

These look just like cinder blocks!

My daughter insisted I get this. I am glad I did.
That ain't all folks! Be back with more pics of goody-finds soon!
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Part of a Park

Thought I would add a few more things to the map/park I showed you here. This is one area being set up in the duplex also to be used for the doll stories.

Before it is finished, it will have lots more parky type things in it. I thought the golf course wallpaper trim in the back looked nice with the park. I will have to put up a fence or something there so the balls won't hurt the young children and animals. LOL

There is so much that can be added, from putting fish in the blue water to little animals, trees and all sorts of people.
I hope you can see this. The lighting wasn't so good

This is sand added for texture. Soon there will be stones and other 3D effects and of course more greenery
Some kind of fence will have to separate the two areas.

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Getting Set Up For The Doll story-a Living Room

Life has been interesting to say the least. I am performing at my highest ADD level! I don't think I can add another project on my plate!

Right now, the move to the duplex apartment behind my house is the most taxing on my creativity. Half of my supplies are out there and the other half is, well,  your guess is as good as mine. LOL Nobody told me you had to be organized to get organized!

I am taking this opportunity to add to some of the projects I started some time ago. Here is a traditional living room with a pass through to what will be the kitchen. The furniture will have to come out because  I have lots more to add to the room.
Will keep you updated!

 I put in the floors. I need to knock out those wrinkles on the wall.

I doubt if I will keep the "bamboo" shade. I need to put a nice finished edge on all sides. 

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tricked out Turtle Van UPDATE!

IT IS a true pizza eating, cowabunga dude's van! It is called TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES COWABUNGA CARL VAN!  It kept nagging at me that it was a true TMNT vehicle. So I had to find out for sure.  Grandmommy knows her toys!
ninja turtle vintage van, carl shooting pizza van     
It is missing the piece that goes over the front seats.
Still awesome though!

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Tricked Out Turtle Van

Ok, I confess. Since I have been working on turning the duplex behind my house into a studio and taking woodworking classes, I have been doing much more shopping than working on minis. Anyway, shopping is half the fun of mini-ing...right? As a result, the shopping has paid off. I have this one thing I must show you. Then in other posts I will share the rest, but I think this item deserves a post unto itself.

I took the door off to get better shots of the interior
I got this for $2 at a thrift shop. I almost left it. Whew! It might not be what you think. My daughter and grands say it is actually a rip off of a more popular super hero group's vehicle.

This is the view from the rear window

Can you imagine the secret operations taking place in here?

The seats are the perfect size for 1:12 scale

Maybe it might become a news van!

I plan to removed that huge turtle head. I like the seats on the front. The trash can has a removable top! I still think it belongs to those pizza eating cowabunga dudes.

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