Thursday, March 27, 2014

FREE Half Pint Paint!

Hello friends,
Just wanted to let you know you can get free Valspar paint from Lowe's! Just enough for your next mini project. See you there!
Look for this magazine

Not much to get free  paint and a cool magazine

Make sure this coupon is in the magazine

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Artist Highlight And Eat Something Off Your Chess!

It is the week after Mardi Gras when everything has finally settled down. In the morning, I stood on the balcony overlooking the courtyard and thinking of the fun and friends of the week before. Later, at night, I  slowly stroll the courtyard enjoying the quiet and sweet fresh air.

But that a stranger lurking just outside?

What am I talking about? Go to: and see Jocelyn's New Orleans Creole Townhouse. It is beautiful! It is sentimental! It is true to life! As with all of her work, it is also very detailed.

For some reason, I imagine Jocelyn working quietly on her projects with her hand tools and pencil sketches. As a matter of fact, because of her, I now try drawing things out to get a clear idea of what would work in my future projects.

I find her to be a consummate, professional artist and have seen her perform magic with the same things I have sitting in storage containers waiting for a purpose!

Make sure you look at ALL of the posts about the townhouse to find out why it is sentimental!

And check out her other wonderful projects while you are there!
This is actually the first project that I sketched out as a result of seeing how Jocelyn does it. This is something I work on while I order parts or wait for other projects to dry. It is a Chess themed restaurant that I am building from scratch. It is the first dollhouse project for which I used the Woodworker's Guild machines.
The mirror leaning on the rear wall will be behind the bar that serves healthy snacks, smoothies and such. It will be a place where you can either play chess, participate in tournaments on certain nights or just watch and /or eat. Also, look for posted notices of live entertainment performing on other nights. 
(sorry for the dark pictures...I will try to get better ones as I progress)
Just a close up of the wallpaper
The table tops are actually coasters.
The floor is a real life  sized linoleum tile. I will make the slit on the right unnoticeable
I had to replace some legs so they will be repainted
The two rectangles on the back wall are door frames for the men's and women's restrooms
The bar will go between them



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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Digital Playspace-3D Printing through Digital Dollhouse...HUH?

I stumbled across this recently.  Three dimensional printing is still very expensive. Yet, I wonder if this will really take off and be the way we decorate our mini houses in the future? Something like this could make artisans and specialty crafters either obsolete or drive up the costs of handmade articles.

Would you use something like this if it were affordable?


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Monday, March 10, 2014

An Artist and Dining in Greens

A few great artists have been highlighted on this blog. I see so many extraordinarily  talented miniaturist, I decided I would like to highlight them on a regular basis.

Because of his last post, I felt he HAD to be the first one on my list. He is such a humble and positive person. Many of us have had the pleasure of his support as a follower on our blogs. When I visit his blog, I realize whatever project I am working is not quite finished. His work challenges me to work just a little harder.

 I constantly tell him, whenever I see anything he is working on, I get a lump in my throat. It is like looking at a classic piece of art!

He was also the winner of my "guess how much this dollhouse cost" contest.

I introduce to you: GIAC of :

To show you how much influence Giac has had on me, you will see the changes I am making all through all of my houses.  I realized there was a lot more to do in one of my dining rooms. I decided to keep the green color scheme it came with. The door frames will be added soon.  Most of my houses are pre-made, so that overhang on the left was already there . I refer to myself as the HGTV of dollhouses which means I have to figure out how to make this better! lol.
Now, I can't decide what size crown molding I should add. In my mind, it seems it should be the same size as the extension on the left because it looks lopsided. At the same time, I believe I have seen rooms with two different sized crowns in the same room. Both the ceiling medallion and crown molding will be gold. 
Once the molding is figured out I will add more wall d├ęcor and the other accessories I have.

This table is too small. It is just to give me an idea of what I want there. The next time you see this room, it will be very different. The more I look at it the more new ideas I get!
This is one of the patterns of molding I have.
 None are as deep as the overhang on left.
The closer I look and the better the lighting I am beginning to feel the carpet color is a bit off.


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