Tuesday, April 30, 2013

They Will

In my treasure trove shopping, I often pick up things just because they look cool. Other times I get a whole scene in my head. This was a combination of both. It looked to me to be a reception hall for weddings and such. I thought the couple looked like the father-daughter dance at a reception so I paired them. I believe it is a Bratz house. I was too lazy busy to go out to the duplex studio to double check.

The "chariot" was painted black with intentions of adding gold trim as a gift for a fashion doll's wedding last year. I never finished it and of course never sent it, so I never mentioned it LOL.  It can be used by a fashion or 1:12 doll.

Now, I think I will paint it white with gold trim to match this scene. What do you think about that? Black and gold or white and gold?

I have several ideas to add. This is of course part of the growing neighborhood!

The reception hall and outdoor accents

Please excuse the man at the bar during the father-daughter dance.
He is one of those cousins we all have.

This is the back or front depending on how you look at it. :-)
I would like to paint it, but it has so many details it feels daunting.

The outdoor gazebo for pictures.
Partial view of the chariot.

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mini Neighborhood Breaking Ground!

Here is just a peek into the "neighborhood" room. It will feature three scales. They will be 1:12 and 1:24 in this room. The main room will be 1:6. The walls may be decorated with smaller scales.

Here is one half the 1:12 neighborhood room. The houses may not remain in these positions. I know at least the personalities of the families moving in. That gives me an idea how to decorate the houses, which of course, may all change as I go along. So far, I have three 8 foot tables up. This is the bedroom of a one bedroom duplex apartment behind my house that I used for storage which means I had to clear it out first...puff puff...
When I purchased the last two houses, several people asked to see the insides. I have since torn off most of the wallpaper, window treatments  and flooring in the yellow house. I like the inside of the black and white house. After repairing the windows, I won't do too much else to the walls. Unless a family of kangaroos live there, I will need to put another set of stairs going to the top floor where I will add two or three more rooms.

This is what you see when you enter the room
Sorry, it is so dark. Lighting isn't set up in there yet. This the summer resort area in another section of town. More about that later.
What is a resort area without horseback riding? The box set was only $2!

The unfolded inside of another house.
The unfolded outside.
Interior of yellow house.

Two upstairs rooms of the yellow house with the lights on. The top floor has ceiling lights. Downstairs only has outlets.
The interior of the black and white house. Right now, I have the first layer of polyurethane on the bottom left floor.

There is so much to do. I didn't realize I was setting up my free time for the next five years when I came up with this idea! I guess I will be The Great-grandmommy by the time I complete it.  LOL

I plan to put in something green for the lawns. Felt seems too artificial. Real indoor/outdoor carpet seems out of scale. I even thought of velvet. Sigh...we shall see. I know some of my favorite thrift shops are right now drawing just the right materials to them for me to find.

Check out the fire station. I actually bought this for one of my grands who will never know that. LOL It was less than $2! I didn't realize it was a fire station! It is sturdy corrugated cardboard.
The firehouse in comparison to one of the houses. I will add other props in there along with the sofa.
I have so many ideas for other buildings. Promise to keep you posted!

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