Monday, January 20, 2014

More MJ Visit Pictures

After getting Keva asleep, MJ spent a few quiet hours with Keva's mom, Nyla, dad (yet unnamed)  and her grandfather who lives with them. As you can see, dad is getting a little bored with all of the girl talk and is nodding off. Grandpa just seems to be very thoughtful about the topic.

It was just like in real-life. Having company, MJ, made me see even more clearly all that needs to be done around the houses and other areas. I am vowing to get on these repairs and remodel projects promptly and on a regular basis. Window frames, wall decorations, painting and window dressing are on the top of my list. Keva's bedroom still has updates which are ready to be added. Currently, I am working on three stores in the mall also. They make good locations for the stories.

I have Pretty Pleaters for making draperies, so I will continue to practice using them so I can hang some in the living room below after I frame the windows. The tabletop is actually for a ceiling medallion. I plan to replace it with a glass or mirror on the table.

Jenna's room is actually the attic of this house. 
Since her television still has not been replaced on the wall, Keva is excited that MJ volunteered to read her a story.

I wish I could get the true colors of this room. Believe me it looks much better up close.
 The paint isn't even pink. It has a bit of lavender mixed in.

A quiet evening with more friends

MJ and her new friend Jenna had a great time in Jenna's family
 room watching The Little Mermaid

This is the right half of the attic family room in the picture below

The white house has the attic family room shown in the above pictures


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Thursday, January 9, 2014

On The Road Again...

Everyone! I hope your holidays were wonderful whatever and however you celebrate. Mine was so full I am just getting back to MJ! She is all packed up and will be leaving in the morning (Friday). The hosts don't know until the last minute when she will arrive and that is just in case she gets held up in the mail or customs. I am the last visit in the United States. This was all put together and started in 2012! I can't believe how time is flying! She has been to 11 hosts in several different countries already. Each host decides where she will send her next. Twenty four people around the world were chosen with a two year window of travel.

 We all will miss her; my family, my wonderful true friends,  my dolls and those people she and I met together. We had such fun! This is an experience we will never forget! My grandchildren are still learning about the places she has been.

 I  have a few more pictures and videos that I will share in a few more posts even though she will be on her way to her next host/auntie. Oh, by the way, I call her hosts "aunties" because that is what R/L MJ calls us. :-) There were so many other places to take her but time would not allow.

There are two things I wanted to add about South Carolina.    
1. You are never more than a few miles from a train track. The South Carolina coast is an open waterway for cargo from all over the world. That cargo can end up anywhere in the US!

                                                    TIGERS USC SOUTH CAROLINA
2. The other thing is the statewide rivalry between Clemson University and The University of South Carolina. It goes back a couple of centuries. You will see signs of one or the other or both all over the state.
                                                    This is a Wal-Mart display     

This is a common site in any Wal-Mart.
Sorry for the blurry picture. Taken with a cellphone

Last, not in any way least, I was so excited to receive my gifts from the other hosts. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I didn't know whether to show them or not. I don't want to spoil the surprise for the future hosts.  I hope they all love what I sent them also.

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