Monday, October 19, 2015


Liebster Award

Hi Everybody! {{{waving}}}

I am so glad I have been tagged again! This time by Shasarignis at I struggled to make a post when D7ana  from tagged me for the "World Doll Day" this past June. Summer got in the way and I never got around to it, darn it! I have time now. I will tell you more about why in an upcoming post. It took me a few days, but I am here! (grin) So, I will respond to both at once

Thanks shasarignis and D7ana!


The responsibilities associated with this award are as follows:
  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog. (Check!)
  2. Give your readers eleven random facts about yourself.
  3. Answer the eleven questions from the person who nominated you.
  4. Nominate eleven bloggers to receive this award.
  5. Invent eleven questions for your nominees.

Here are the questions from Shasarignis:

1. What is your favorite doll and why ?
The one I love the most is the one I found buried in my back yard. Aside from being beautiful, she makes me think of one word... survival and has become my muse. She sits on my desk.
I also like any doll with full articulation. The ones I  would want to own are any found at
2. One of your best childhood memories
Going to the New York Worlds Fair

 3. Do you travel with your dolls (plane or go to job) ?
Yes, I have a post coming up where I took  a fashion doll and a 1:12 doll to the beach this past May.

 4. When did you start to collect dolls ?
I was probably about four. I never threw  them away. They all just sort of disappeared!
5. Do you collect anything else than dolls ?
Cameras, antique books, especially old hymnals to name a few.
6. Do you have a favorite place that you like to go, and why this place and not another place ?
Any warm place near water.
7. If you have a machine to go back in time, in which time do you want to go ?
I would be chilling (spending time ) with Cleopatra in her palace using her natural products and talking about girly stuff. LOL
8. If you could choose your job, what kind of job you would choose ?
Since I am now semi-retired, it would be one that I would make my own hours and play a lot.
9. If you could make a movie, what kind of movie would you make ?
It would be a hilarious comedy,  but Denzel Washington would have to be in it!
 10. Have you been on a cruise, if not, where would you like to be on a cruise ?
I have been on two cruises so far. One to Panama, Cost Rica and Belize, the other was to the Bahamas.
 11. Do you think it is important to respect nature and why ?
 Yes. I Recycle, repurpose (watch next post) and reuse a lot! Many of us are fortunate to have plenty. We need to honor that by not wasting while protecting and preserving the earth and all of its inhabitants.


1) I was once invited to and attended a press conference at the White House
2)I have nine grandchildren
3) I speak intermediate Spanish
4)I was a cheerleader, a color guard and on a drill team when a teenager
5)I played first chair/string violin in high school
6) I know how to dance ballroom dancing
7) I am tall
8) I am currently writing a novel
9) I really like comedy clubs and I am always making people laugh
10) I enjoy good jazz
11) Finally, I am  much more spiritual than religious and enjoy reading about spiritual things

I now tag:

1) Jocelynsdollhouse
2) Giac
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5)Miranda  @ One sixth Avenue
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7) darkroomdolls
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10) Lily

The  World Doll Day  questions tagged from D7ana  were also answered above  which were :

 1.  2014 Favorite Dolls (and/or Action Figures)

2.  2015 Wish List Dolls (and/or Action Figures

3. Tag 5 people to do as I have done.

I will not tag anyone for the World Doll Day because that takes place in June.

My questions to them are:
1) Have you ever shared your dolls/miniatures with a member of the opposite sex?

2) Do you tell others about your hobby?

3) Do you have dolls /miniatures of other scales?

4) Do you have a budget just for your hobby?

5) Blogger or Facebook? Why?

6) Who is your biggest supporter in the world of dolls/miniatures?

7) What doll/ miniature would you like as a gift?

8) Which of your miniatures or dolls reminds you of yourself the most? Why?

9) Do you have other hobbies? What are they?

10) Have you ever traveled far for a doll/miniature purpose? How far?

11) Do you have dolls of other races or cultures than your own? Which are they?

BONUS: Can people buy anything for their dolls/miniatures from you? If so where?

Happy Tagging!

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