Thursday, May 22, 2014

The other draperies influence by Elizabeth

Sorry, I deleted this picture from the last post in error. I used the tutorial from Studio E to make this one too! These are in the dining room.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My Kind of Town III, Artist Highlight and Bedroom Update!

I am sorry I have been absent for so long. Real Life is trying to be the boss of me! Nothing bad...just busy. :-) Things are still a little hectic around here. Because I have so much to share and so little time right now, there are going to be three segments to this post.  So grab a cup of coffee or whatever your poison and enjoy!

This is the view from the plane about to land at home. Chicago was fun!  I was happy from the show and happy to be getting home! I was so worn out!
I thought I would show you an update on the "Chess-taurant" along with more purchases from Chicago. I bought the chairs from the Heidi Ott dealer. I love the way my Heidi Ott doll fits in it. The two soda taps, napkin holder and milkshake maker were all bought there.

These chairs are Heidi Ott chairs. See how perfectly my Heidi Ott doll looks sitting on one? I wish I had bought more than eight!

These are for my Chess-taurant too. They were bought from various dealers from both shows.

More on that soon!

An Heidi Ott hat that fits my doll perfectly


Please visit this Etsy store to see the absolutely gorgeous mini quilts. All are handmade! I was so sure I took pictures of them.
Tracy and her hubby were so friendly. It was great meeting them! I know you hear this all of the time, but believe me, these pictures don't do her work justice!

I could not leave out this artist. Her dolls are even more realistic then they look in pictures. Elle is such a lovely lady. It was a real pleasure meeting and laughing with her and her better half! Her website is currently under construction. Please keep trying. She makes custom dolls of people you love! What a great gift for a loved one! Her email is

There was a working TV in one of the roomboxes! (I think it may have been a phone and DVD player like I saw in a blog once :-)  I can't find the picture of it (maybe I didn't take one lol) At any rate it was amazing! I know someone who might have pictures. I will share if I get them.

There is a lady whose work always makes me reflect. For me, miniature scenes are a lot about how they make me feel. Mood is a large part of the scene because everything must be known about it without any words. I use words like mystery and secrets when I describe her works. They are the kind that make you stare and make up stories about who just left and more importantly...who is coming back!

I must say this also. Elizabeth at Studio E is more than an artist. Her warmth as a person comes through her encouraging, sincere comments and humor. Her presence, on my blog, or her own shows her to be a miniaturist you want to be around and always glad she is there. Somehow she seems to see the best in every blogger and their work! Even when she gives loving advice.

When I highlight an Artist, I like to say how they have affected me. I wanted to make nice window dressings, but they would never come out right.  After Elizabeth gave her tutorial on using the pretty pleater,  I have been having fun making all sorts of curtains (I have three sizes of pleaters)! The two curtains below were made using her tutorial. I was even able  to use synthetic fabrics!

Please stop by her blog and make up your own stories with her mood stimulating rooms.

  Here are a few things I have been up to lately...

Looking for a few accent colors to break up the matchy matchy. Probably some pillows, wall accent or the dust ruffle etc. I still need to adjust those hanging lamps, Arrrg!

This was originally either a napkin or placemat. I really like it. Wish there had been two of them. 
That wall area behind Nyla's head needs something. I am just not sure what. Thought about shelving, hooks with bathrobes hanging from them, a mirror or a bookcase. I don't know. hmmm  I even tried moving the "love" poster to that spot. No go.

  Also to come is the door frame that I forgot. I changed the mirror that came with the vanity. It was  Art Deco and didn't fit well. I am really excited about the chairs! The color is just right and they fit well with the vanity

The red on the back is really from the rug behind it.

You know, I really like this guy. He is just so hard to pose!

I like to make my family part of the process. My daughter and her daughter thought this magnet should go in here. So in it went!
If I had two placemats/napkins I would have been able to make the draperies longer. I wanted them to match the bed so I had to make the short version. I got a lot of glue on them so I will be doing something about that too. I was just too tired to take it apart and fix it. (These were made using the Studio E tutorial)

The table was cream. I painted it black and gold to match the decor.
 Hope you enjoyed it all!

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Saturday, May 3, 2014

My Kind of Town II!

This is how I felt during and after leaving

This is just one of the three rooms and a long hall area lined with goodies at the Tom Bishop Show! Can you tell how far back it goes?
 There were three filled smaller rooms at the Linda Frye Show at another location
Look for the creators of this house at: TheLittle Dollhouse Company

This house was huge!

This is just to show the extensive electrical set up
What is so cool is all of his electrical parts are in the wooden compartment at the bottom. Those are real bricks!

The general store on the left was sold when I saw it. If I told you how much it went for I would have to use smelling salts to re-awaken you! lol

That is not the creator. Seems someone was always engaging him and
 I never got a picture of him. These two are by the same artist. Make sure you read the sign in the lower right for contributors

These sweet babies were created by Helga Sadowski of Germany
Yes, her finger is in there. HAHA!
Anybody recognize  Karen? Click here to find out who she is!
Here are some of the things I purchased.  I was anxious to use some things so they are not here. I will have to tell about those in part III
Those are pillows on the left! Can you see the tiaras?
Heidi Ott shoes that actually fit my girls! Boots for my guys. Heidi Ott's son was actually the one selling them!

Unrolls to beautiful hair.
 I bought several more colors, but playing with them with my girls.

If you look closely you can see the beak on the right.
This is where we are now! When my grands told me about it they said one egg, when I ran out and took pictures there were two how...? It was so cute. It stretched open its mouth when I came. I guess it thought I was its mommy. I tried to get him to do it again for the camera, but I guess he was either tired or disappointed. lol There are two red colored birds that are always in that tree and squawk then fly away when I come. Are they the parents of one or all of these!  Hmmm

While I was outside taking pictures of my goodies...this guy showed up!