Friday, December 4, 2020

Biggest Little Christmas Challenge 2nd episode



These little challenges are big on intensity. If you like game shows, miniature techniques and a dollop of reality you will find it all here!

Charles Dickens never knew his stories could inspire such creativity. You will never think of his characters again without referencing these awesome structures!

I can't wait for the third installation next week!

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

JUST CUT IT OUT! Something else to play with!


I remember playing with "cut-out" or paper dolls as a child. They were a perfect combination of miniatures and dolls. When Paper-mau popped up on my reader list with these adorable ladies, it only made sense to share them with all of you. I have followed this website for over a decade and gotten some really great projects and ideas. 

Dolly Dingle Dress Up Paper Doll Xmas Style
by Grace Drayton

The Prescott House Paper Model - by DreamWorks

 Life Magazine 1986 - by Mostly Paper Dolls

Don't shy away if you are strickly into dollhouse/roombox types of minis. Think of all of the ways you can incorporate what you see into a mini scene. Marilyn can stand in a store, home, beach or wherever!  You can size to fit your scale. 

Click on picture for a larger view