Monday, July 6, 2020


Hello everyone! 

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By the way, If you had trouble seeing the pictures in the last post that IS fixed. 

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The Grandmommy

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Sunday, July 5, 2020

Getting Busy!

Hi everybody! (waving)

These days I have been moving slowly with minis, but better than before. What I have been doing over the past couple of years is working on something until I get bored or stumped. Then, start on something new. So currently I have so many  unfinished projects I have decided to get on the ball and update some of them.

However, I am going need to some help getting motivated. Please help me by giving ideas, recommendations and comments on these partially finished projects! Please excuse the mess this is a work in progress. 😊


This is a "group home" for girls. The young ladies needed a place to stay for various reasons. They are not "bad girls", but they have had their share of troubles. I bought some of those ceremic dolls  you see here with no idea what I was going to do with them. So I just stuck them in this house. One day I was walking past when the idea came to me that this could be a group home. The girls seem to have such  forlorn expressions. Having worked in one when I was a very young lady, I got to work planning things.

 Most of the wallpaper was in the house when I purchased it and decided not to change it. (I only like assembled houses. One day I may put together a kit or even design and assemble one). I don't mind putting together a roombox. You can see one here

 It was originally called the Happy House. Because the of the inspiring and cheerful wall decor I have ready to be posted on the walls.   What I want to add is that I purposely didn't give it a modern look. Most services of this kind rely on funding and as such not able to redecorate or add regularly.

The yellow paint used on the exterior is some that was in my paint stash purchased long ago.  It will be surrounded with lovely landscaping. I will show the front in another post. It is so hard to turn around.

There are various things lying around I thought would fit in well at some point.


This is the social worker's office. I don't have a sofa small enough to fit here. I will either have to make or buy a love seat.  Chances are it will be purchased. You may not be able to see, but there is a bulletin board on the wall above the desk. I also have some inspirational posters to put up. There are items on the desk (a computer mouse, desk pad, notebook a box of tissues). I also have a waste basket a few books. And of course curtains are coming. The rug is printed paper. Not sure if it is staying. So far I like it.

I wanted a door here as visitors or intake cases should not enter in the common areas. The door is half 
of a larger two door entry way. Like This...Double Entry Doors (because a regular exterior door was too big) I added the wooden trim then painted. The door knob is a bead painted gold. Now, I see it is somewhat shorter than the window. Thinking of putting an Exit sign  above it to even things out. If you have another idea please let me know. I thought about adding a door sweep at the bottom. Not sure if I can remove the door at this point in order to do that.
What else would you add to this room? 

This is one of the bedrooms. The dresser and chest are from Dollar Tree which I painted to match the headboard also from Dollar Tree and painted. I made the comforters and pillows on the beds. many years ago when I decided to make several of them. I could only find the one matching pillow and can't find any more of that fabricin my stash.  I will just have to make it a solid color. The rug is a piece of fabric with added fringe and trim.  Here is the base I used for the beds. It was special ordered from Dollar tree along with the headboard next to it. They came in a combination in a box of 12. Having a hard time getting more now.  I used little pieces of wood for the legs. The matress is made of the sponge insert from  a 1:1 chair pad. A close-up of one of the residents.

This young lady is taking a nap in her room. I made a wall with a door out of foam board to fit between the stairs and her room to give her a little privacy. I need to work on it a little more before installing it.

  Our friend here has that expression because she was often teased for her pale skin and being so tall. She has an appointment with the social worker for next week. Behind her is the bathroom. There is a papertowel dispenser that has to be put back on the wall. It is made from an individual restaurant butter container painted silver. 
One of the counselors is telling her how she used to be teased for being tall when she was younger. 

This is the living room where they will watch TV and socialize. The social worker is just checking things out. The house mother is consoling a small little girl.  Like most of the wallpaper this was in the house when I purchased it. The rug is cut from a pattern on a piece of fabric, It was originally cut out for a different project. The TV will go on the wall near the ceiling on the left. Anybody think I need lamps and coffee tables? I was thinking they might be in the way when there are a lot of residents. Yet it looks so empty. The younger children have a full toy box near the window.

         There were a few broken windows. I have not been able to find any like this. Please share if you know where I can get a few. I may have to make them. I hope not because I am not good at straight lines. You can't tell, but that is a big hole in the middle. 


Look for more on this building after I try some of your suggestions and me trying things out. 

Until Next time...


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