Friday, December 4, 2015

Red HOT Seating!

Hi all! 
I had to take a break from repairing the state fair entries. Don't worry.  I will be back working on them again soon!  I did what I sometimes do. See little things I had been meaning to change, fix or add to and then do it. It gives me a quick sense of accomplishment and of course progress on my many on going projects.
There is one house you have seen before. It was Niecy and Trey's house. I didn't really like the pink flowers in the living room set since it was not just a lady's house and kind of outdated. It seemed that everything they picked to be in their living room has some red in it.  They needed something more modern and youthful.
I had seen it done before so I tried painting the set. I love the way it came out! My only complaint is that in some places you can see where the glue seeped through the ribbon. I managed to clean most of it off. I still may either replace it with anther piece or just change to another ribbon.
Funny, I don't have one red thing in my 1:1 house but I have red rooms in two of my mini houses with that color scheme!
This is the original pattern also known as "before"

   Here the pieces are freshly painted. I was afraid they would stay shiny. It dried with a more realistic mat finish.
A comparison after the painting the loveseat and chair
Here is the sofa. I did mange to get a little more glue off of it after this photo. That is a Gamecocks pillow (South Carolina University) I have several I made some time ago and will add them to the other pieces.

The completed set
Two possible arrangements


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