Monday, April 20, 2015

Hey, everybody! There is a very interesting discussion going on at MitchyMooMiniatures! I would love to know your feelings about it! Hurry up, get over there and comment! :-D

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hello Goodbye/ We Have A Winner!

In the past year several blogs I have enjoyed over the years have shut down . For different reasons the blogger could not continue. I just want to let them know they and their blogs are missed. They know who they are.

I have sought out new blogs and I want to say welcome to blog land to the new bloggers. To the longtime bloggers,  I am enjoying both your great old and new posts!

Drum roll please...

The number Camille chose was 20 to commemorate her 20th published book!


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A picture of Camille's 3 floor mortuary roombox

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

"A Little" Reading...A Mini Author Highlight and Give Away Celebrating Reaching 200 Followers!

A "Mini Author" Highlight

To celebrate reaching 200 followers...
One Follower of This Blog
Will Win Their Choice Of One of the Autographed "Mini" Novels  Shown Below!
    Madness Cover     Madness Cover

For centuries, miniaturists have created, played with, sold, bought and traveled in the name of their hobby. The world of modern day miniatures have influenced movies, TV , the stage and now novels which means we are even reading about them!

Last year, I was fortunate enough to win an autographed novel from a series of miniature mysteries. The book is called Madness in Miniature  About a miniaturist, her granddaughter, and of course a mystery. It is so realistic, I thought it was written about me! I too am a former teacher with a granddaughter in the fifth grade who enjoys mini-ing with me! She is also the one who found the doll

This author of many aliases is an amazing person who knows how to take life by the horns in 1:1/RL.  As per her blog, she has "been a factory worker, a translator, a teacher, an experimental physicist, a nuclear safeguards engineer, a writer, a waitress, a miniaturist, a paralegal, a nun, a minister, a short order cook, a ticket taker, an editor, a crafter, and a cotton candy twirler!"

Here is an excerpt from the book I received..."My main crafts area was the second room from the front of the house, next to Maddie's bedroom. When it came right down to it, however, every room in my four-bedroom home was a crafts room to some extent."  Doesn't that sound rather familiar? LOL It is an easy read and just the right diversion between mini projects.

Her eighth miniature novel was released April 7, 2015 entitled;

Manhattan In Miniature 

        My fellow mini people I would like to introduce Camille Minichino ( can you believe her name even has "mini" in it!) also known at Margaret Grace!

Please enjoy the interview I had with her recently:

1.) I see you have had a very diverse and interesting professional history. What made you decide to write novels, particularly the ones, about minis?   
My liberal arts background took hold of me, nagging me always to try “everything.” Being a scientist was no excuse for not also being knowledgeable in the arts and literature, to read and appreciate “the other culture” as C.P. Snow advised. At one point in my career as a scientist, I decided it was time to write. I’d always enjoyed mysteries, mainly for the puzzle aspects, and thought I’d start there with just one book before moving on. My 20th mystery will be released in a couple of weeks, four more are under contract, and I don’t seem to have finished!  Each of my series reflects an occupation or hobby that has been part of my life: a retired physicist, a miniaturist, a math teacher, and, on school vacations, a postal worker (a new series that launches this fall)
 2) Before you began writing about  miniatures, how far did you go into the hobby? Did you sell, have a blog, go to doll shows or participate in any miniature groups?           

At one time or another, all my family and friends have received a mini scene for a present. A miniature barn for my equestrian step-daughter, an Old West jailhouse for a friend (author Ann Parker) who writes about the Colorado silver rush, a miniature bookstore (an oft repeated gift). I love doing minis with others, especially kids. I go to shows and shops as a customer, but I’ve never sold my minis (see below for the reason!)

3)  Do you still work on them or participate in any way?         
Every day! Entering the world of miniatures is great therapy. It’s hard to be stressed when you’re redecorating a living room with a 6-inch couch and a few chairs. Knitting tiny afghans, making a lamp shade out of the cap of a toothpaste tube—your mind is off any life-size troubles. In fact, many children’s therapists use dollhouses as part of their therapy. I make scenes for auction items at conferences; donate a dollhouse every year to a local school raffle; and populate my house with minis. Giving most of them away allows me to buy more supplies and make room for more!   

 4) Were the characters Geraldine and Maddie based on real people?    
Gerry is based on me in the sense that she’s not an artisan craftsperson—the kind who make museum quality miniatures. Like me, she uses found objects, turning the tiny spring in a ballpoint pen into the spring on a miniature screen door, cutting drinking straws into the size of tumblers. There are others who are the make-from-scratch miniaturists whose work I admire, and buy, but don’t have the talent to emulate.  Maddie came into the world of the series unbidden, as a likely partner for her grandmother. I’ve enjoyed playing with her and probably will never age her to the point of teenager! 
5) What would your favorite Fimo meal look like? LOL
Ice cream sundaes to populate an ice cream shop room box I donated last year!

6) May we ask to whom or what organization you donated the ice cream shop?

An 11-year-old girl (the same age as Maddie Porter of the Miniature Mysteries) received the ice cream shop. Too young to name, but I can tell you she’s a very creative miniaturist herself, with the added talent of working magic with scraps of materials.

7) Please share your most unusual room box!

A 3-level mortuary! My first series character, retired physicist Gloria Lamerino of the Periodic Table Mysteries, lives above a funeral home. I recreated that dwelling: embalming room in the basement, viewing parlor on the first level, her apartment on the upper level.

My website,, has a photo gallery on the miniature mystery page. 

 Thanks so much, for letting me talk about my favorite scale of life! 

Thank YOU for sharing your interesting hobbies with us!


Win one of Margaret Grace's aka Camille's books to celebrate reaching 200 followers. You must guess the number the author has chosen between the number 1 and 200!

 The one who comes closest without going over will win their choice of one of the autographed books shown above! No two people can have the same number guess. April 17th 2015 is the last day to add your guess.

The give away is open to the wonderful followers of this blog!

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Wedding Dress, Something old and Something New

A Wedding Dress

As promised, here is the lovely gown I won from Felma in three different locations . The Bridal shop is finished for the most part. Save for replacing a couple of glass shelves that fell off the walls. I was concerned it might throw off the colors since I used the all white gowns I made some time ago for the rack.
Now I see the picture frames go nicely with it and I will replace a couple of white gowns for other shades of white or maybe even a bright color or black.  I thought the gown looked nice in the boutique also. Fashion wise, my daughter and I went back and forth until she decided maybe a pretty gown could fit into a store targeting younger women and I agreed.

The seamstress' work room looks a little contrived because it has been going back and forth between being a bathroom and a sewing room. It once was looking pretty nice with all of the Victorian posters etc on the walls as a sewing room. For some reason I want to have a bathroom in every house. For this house it would really do better as a sewing room, but then where would they do all of their...well you know...

(Click on pics so they will be a little more visible)
I chose the bridal shop
It looks a lot better up close

It didn't look too bad here because it was center stage like it was being highlighted.

I also like it here. If I had the room fixed up again with sewing notions, fabric and posters as well as other completed or clothes in progress projects it would really make a statement.

What do you think?
Thanks again Felma!
Something Old?
One of the things keeping me from minis these days is gardening. The season was pushed back a little because of the cold weather, so we must hurry to prepare the ground for my seedlings.

 My grands and I were preparing the garden when my granddaughter started yelling! She came across this while she was doing some digging! It was in a shallow grave in a spot I thought I had dug at least once before. She and my grandson are convinced she is a voodoo doll someone buried there. I have no memory of having this doll although that does not mean I didn't at some time.  Anywho here she is. No hair. No clothes. No identity. We don't know where she came from.

Now, the question is do I clean her up and give her a make over or give her a tour of the bottom of a landfill ("garbage" for my international followers)
Kind of  Creature From The  Black Lagoon-ish

Her smile is sweet, but her eyes are downright scary!


New High Tech Barbie- Good or Bad?
Here is an doll that just doesn't seem right. I like that this one has an average physique. I just don't think anything should be going over the internet by little children. There is always the chance the child can send something unsupervised. Anyway, who wants their child monitored by a stranger?

Read about it here!

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