Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Wedding Dress, Something old and Something New

A Wedding Dress

As promised, here is the lovely gown I won from Felma in three different locations . The Bridal shop is finished for the most part. Save for replacing a couple of glass shelves that fell off the walls. I was concerned it might throw off the colors since I used the all white gowns I made some time ago for the rack.
Now I see the picture frames go nicely with it and I will replace a couple of white gowns for other shades of white or maybe even a bright color or black.  I thought the gown looked nice in the boutique also. Fashion wise, my daughter and I went back and forth until she decided maybe a pretty gown could fit into a store targeting younger women and I agreed.

The seamstress' work room looks a little contrived because it has been going back and forth between being a bathroom and a sewing room. It once was looking pretty nice with all of the Victorian posters etc on the walls as a sewing room. For some reason I want to have a bathroom in every house. For this house it would really do better as a sewing room, but then where would they do all of their...well you know...

(Click on pics so they will be a little more visible)
I chose the bridal shop
It looks a lot better up close

It didn't look too bad here because it was center stage like it was being highlighted.

I also like it here. If I had the room fixed up again with sewing notions, fabric and posters as well as other completed or clothes in progress projects it would really make a statement.

What do you think?
Thanks again Felma!
Something Old?
One of the things keeping me from minis these days is gardening. The season was pushed back a little because of the cold weather, so we must hurry to prepare the ground for my seedlings.

 My grands and I were preparing the garden when my granddaughter started yelling! She came across this while she was doing some digging! It was in a shallow grave in a spot I thought I had dug at least once before. She and my grandson are convinced she is a voodoo doll someone buried there. I have no memory of having this doll although that does not mean I didn't at some time.  Anywho here she is. No hair. No clothes. No identity. We don't know where she came from.

Now, the question is do I clean her up and give her a make over or give her a tour of the bottom of a landfill ("garbage" for my international followers)
Kind of  Creature From The  Black Lagoon-ish

Her smile is sweet, but her eyes are downright scary!


New High Tech Barbie- Good or Bad?
Here is an doll that just doesn't seem right. I like that this one has an average physique. I just don't think anything should be going over the internet by little children. There is always the chance the child can send something unsupervised. Anyway, who wants their child monitored by a stranger?

Read about it here!

Click on picture for a larger view


  1. Actually, the dress became quite secondary to me because I was so focused on the great dios! Those are impressive.

    I would wash that doll up and then thrift her if she's not too damaged.

    1. Hey Muff!
      Thanks! Funny every time I look at one of my dios I think of something else it needs.
      I will probably wash her when I get over my nervousness lol Just to see what she really looks like.

  2. The dress looks good in these 3 great location so you can always play with it. ;)
    The doll is interesting. Did you wash it? I wonder if you could find out some history of her or the dolls like her at all?

    1. Hi Old Maid!
      Thanks! I liked them all too.
      I have not washed her yet. She is still in the same position in the backyard. I keep checking her to see if her head turns or anything. lol
      I want to wash her. Hopefully I will get up the nerve. lol

  3. The dress is impressive and so are the dios! The bridal shop is my favourite.
    that little doll gives me the creeps, I don't think I would have the nerve to keep it, maybe I've seen too many horror movies, LOL
    speaking of creepy things, the hi-tech barbie is just wrong. I agree with you it is too risky, and the whole concept is just meaningless IMHO

    1. Hey there Billa!
      I really like the bridal shop too. It is in my "mall." I keep trying to figure out if her eyes are normal. I am going to compare her to two of my other dolls similar to her.
      Mattel is trying to recoup some of their losses from the past couple of years. So, they are desperate!

  4. A Wedding Dress - I was checking the whole diorama - impressive - but the gold gown stands out while the white gowns blend in.

    Something Old? - um ... somebody buried a doll? Moonwalking to the door before running. Creepy! LOL

    New High Tech Barbie- Good or Bad? If I had a child she or he wouldn't get that doll.

    1. Hellooo D7ana!
      I think you are right about the color scheme of the bridal shop.
      Wow...I never saw anyone moonwalk quite that fast! LOL
      LIke I told Billa I think Mattel is getting really desperate to turn the profits around.

  5. I love your dioramas! The dress looks great in its new home.

    I'd wash the doll, thrift it, and make sure to take a photo of the doll going into the bin at the thrift store, so that if it comes back, you know something weird is going on.

    1. Smaller Places hi there!
      Thanks! I am satisfied with the dress being there...for now lol!
      I keep looking to see if the doll's head has turned since the last time I looked at her.
      When I am looking at her I turn my head then turn back real quickly to see if she is look at me. HAHAHAHA!

  6. Felma's dress looks wonderful in all three locations, this was fun to watch. And what a find - I only find stones and roots and bugs in my garden... kind of sad that Halloween is so far away, that doll would be perfect... as well as that Barbie, this sure speaks "horror" to me...


    1. Hi BiWuBAr!
      I think Felma's dresses would look good anywhere!
      I cannot figure out this doll for anything! Maybe one of my other grands took her out there shortly after I brought her home or something. Shrugging shoulders. I still have the picture of her for blog Halloween stuff. :-)
      I agree that Barbie is a down right weird concept!

  7. Hi grandmommy! Your bridal dress looks very pretty in all of the three miniature scenes, it is a gorgeous dress :)!
    So, you were gardening and found this doll. Well, I can imagine how your grand daughter was scared by her, because you wouldn't expect a burried doll in your garden, isn't it? It seems to me a special doll, I haven't seen one like this before....
    Wishing you and your family a lovely Easter weekend.
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Ilona my friend hi!
      Thanks! Yes, the dress makes the scene. My granddaughter was more intrigued than anything.
      I wish the most blessed Easter ever for you and yours!

  8. The bridal shop is super cute. The new dress looks like a vintage piece. The doll is a very strange find. It reminds me of the little girl in Meet Me in St.Louis the movie. She kept giving her dolls funerals and burying them.

    1. Cinderella Moments hiya!
      Thanks. I want to do a few more things to the shop.
      I really think she is a cute doll. I just have trouble getting past those eyes. There are no whites only huge black pupils.
      I have never seen that movie. Now I want to.
      Major hugs back!

  9. Hello And Happy Easter Grandmommy! :D
    I LOVE the way that you have showcased Felma's dress in your new bridal shop! The muted color of it really allows it to shine in front of the other lovely bridal gowns that you have hanging on the rack behind it; everything looks PERFECT! :))
    About the doll in the garden, my thoughts are that if it spooks your grand-children, then don't have it in the house.
    And about the Barbie.... Only a Mega Company like Mattel would want to take away the free imaginative child's play from children and turn it into a Creepy and Invasive type of "fun". The entire concept is NASTY! and I would not allow my children to have that doll in the house! The only ones that might buy this monitored doll will be avid Barbie doll collectors because they know that it Will Not be on the market for very long and will eventually end up where most bad ideas go; into the Trash!


    1. Hey there Elizabeth!
      The lady in the shop really loved the dress. I think she bought it as soon as I put it in there.
      When my granddaughter yelled it was more like "hey look at what I found, a buried doll" than a scary yell. I think it was an adventure for her and her brother.
      You know you are probably right! I'll even bet Mattel will make a limited amount just for that reason!

  10. I love the dress in the bridal shop. Not all bridal wear is white. It is a beautiful dress. As for the doll, poor thing, she is a survivor. I think she deserves a wash and a nice costume and then everyone will see she is not so scary.

    1. Hello there 12Create!
      Thanks! You are right about wedding gowns. I thought I would make it essentially black and white. I had no idea Felma's dress wanted to be in my shop. lol
      When I think of the doll as a survivor, she doesn't seem as scary.

  11. The bridal shop looks great! The dress is nice! I am partial to wedding dolls, stuff, everything. Lol! I am not sure why. Lol!

    I agree with everyone, I would clean the doll up and give her nice clothing. Poor thing has been through enough.

    1. Hey there Georgia Girl!
      I always thought I would be a wedding planner when I retired. I love weddings!
      Hmmm clean her up eh? Ok, we shall see. :-)

  12. The bridal shop is cute...That dress works in every scene. I vote to give the "garden doll" a new life. Clean her up and donate her. I think High-Tech Barbie is a bit too much. There are some privacy concerns...this is really scary.

    1. Hi Mini Confessions!
      Thanks. Yes, it is the dress! It makes every room look great!
      Garden doll, I like that lol. I will clean her up I suppose and give her a nice outfit. I hope I wont want to keep her then.
      High-Tech Barbie is somehow a sick idea. Yes, privacy and ratings problems (as in movie ratings)

  13. I think the dress looks best in the "sewing room." But then I am a seamstress myself.

    That doll looks familiar to me somehow. Like it's some sort of well known brand, like Journey Girl or Heart2Heart. But if that's so, I would think it would have a manufacturer's mark on it.

    Have you ever seen Meet Me in St. Louis? "It'll take me at least a week to dig up all my dolls in the cemetery."

  14. Hi Barb the Evil Genious!
    You know I had a hard time deciding where to put the dress.
    This week I am going to take the time to really look a the doll and maybe find out who she is.

    You are the second person to mention it. Now, I am going to have to get my hands on that movie! lol

  15. Felma's beautiful dress looks great where ever you put it. I really like your bridal shop.
    Hugs, DroraI

    1. Hi Drora!!
      Thanks!You are so right the dress makes the bridal shop even better!

  16. Hey lucky you winning a dress! Thanks for stopping by the blog, too. More minis each day to come!

    1. Hey Chris!
      I know. Right! You are braver than I am. I wanted to do what you are doing on your blog, but thought I might get distracted and fall behind. Maybe one of these days :-)

  17. Hey lucky you winning a dress! Thanks for stopping by the blog, too. More minis each day to come!

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