Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Front Porch Part III

I know you have been wondering what happened to The Front Porch III. I was trying to hold off until I could get back to Greenville and get a picture of the creator of those wonderful dollhouses and roomboxes.
Well, between my schedule and his we just could not get it together.

So, I am going to tell you a little about the man behind the dream dollhouses and roomboxes. The Front Porch has been in operation for over fifty years. At one time, the owner, Tom Henry had the largest dollhouse business in the South East United States. His work has included miniature duplicates of local mansions. Many years ago, before many of us were even involved with miniatures, Tom was in his local newspaper for his lovely houses.  The "well to do" sought him to make duplicates of their own  homes, orginal dollhouses and supplies or to have their dollhouses repaired. Here are some of his other works of art:

Thank you so much Tom and Karen for indulging me and allowing me to get these great photos.

One of the many houses in Tom's photo album

The Front Porch "a step back in time"

Tom makes the news. Click to see the date in 1977

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mini Jazzi Update

 Mini Jazzi is finally safe and sound at her new location...Brazil!! After leaving Greece, she had a several week stay in customs. Read all about it here...Mini Jazzi in Brazil! Now all of her international aunties can breathe a little easier. I know you will have a wonderful time MJ!

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Monday, September 17, 2012

If You Build It They Will Shop

Shortly after I purchased the shelves from the thrift shop I started working on my "mall."  (see May 28 post A Mini Mall)Then I got stumped. First it was the question of scale. Should I keep it 1:12 which is my scale of choice. The dimensions of  each store would be 7X12 made me wonder if it wouldn't be better in 1:24 scale. Everything I had put aside to go into it was of course 1:12.

After hashing it out in my mind and going to other miniaturists for advice, I decided to stay with the 1:12. Now I thought, what does a mall look like? My daughter and grands were happy to go with me to the mall with my camera and notebook in tow. I was careful not to appear to be casing the joint so to speak. I was friendly with security and had my cameral visibly around my neck.

I came home checked my notes and blah. Nothing noted on there excited me or would do justice to my stores. The only useful information was what type of items were found in each type of store.

One day, amazingly, while in the books for purchase section of my local library a book was jumping out at me. I usually grab anything that looks like a craft or decorating book.

Voila! Look at what I got there! This book has such great ideas. It was perfect to get me going on getting ideas for my mall. Take a look.
 Now I have absolutely no excuse. Pictures of the mall in its current state coming forth shortly.

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Etsy Store additions

I am back. Right now I am in the middle of moving my studio from my home office to a duplex apartment behind my home. Soo my supplies are divided between the two places right now. I thought I would take this opportunity to put some of my projects in my Etsy store (bigandlittlecreations). Look for my Etsy preview window on this blog soon . Here are two samples:

Wedding bouquets ready for her I do's

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Front Porch Part II

I had a hard time deciding what I would show next. So here is a collection of the various houses I saw at the Front Porch. Part III will be about the trains, the rest of the shop and the man who created it all. Enjoy!
We can't forget the military!


I really like this one with the porch and shingles. It isnt fancy, just neat and homey.


Notice how thick the walls are. This was made pre-kit days. It is actual lumber laid out, measured and cut.
The people add to the vintage feel.

Roomboxes are also a part of the collection.

I loved his collection of period dolls.

Barbie lovers and other dolls collectors aren't left out

This is a cute set up with Ken. Notice the kitten lol

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Front Porch Part I

I have found that when you let someone know about your passion they usually can't help getting a little caught up in it too. My son happened across a man who happened to be a dollhouse icon. Forty years ago he was busy building dollhouses and roomboxes from scratch lumber. The kinds of houses we dream of today. More about this man later [after I get pics of him :-)]. First, lets look at his magnificent work. While you look, notice the sturdiness of the walls and floors. The Front Porch is an unassuming store that defies definition. In it you will find a fine collection of dollhouses, buy some vintage clothing or housewares or just a nice juicy peach to eat.

I will have to break this into several posts for you to be able to appreciate this treasure.

For the last fifteen years I have passed this store several times when in Greenville, South Carolina never noticing it or knowing of the  treasures within.
When you pass these on the shelf on the actual front porch you get the feeling there may just be a mini lover within.
This is the view as soon as you walk into the store and look to your right.
This is one of the first houses in my view
I walked behind it to see this set up. Miniature train and all!
Karen, a mini-lover for over 40 years,was happy to explain the history of the houses. This house was first built for a customer in 1981 who returned it recently to have it refurbished for her granddaughter.
Look at all of those rooms to decorate!
View #1 of the front of the largest house in the house.
 EVERYTHING in this house was HANDCRAFTED! The furniture was hand made by a craftsman from Africa.
Can you imagine the work that went into paneling those walls? These kind of details are evident in all of his work.
View #2 the other end. I love that little door!

Keep looking for parts two and three. I think I can squeeze it all within three posts.