Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Here is just a quick post to show how miniature making can stretch beyond being just a hobby. These are the latest United States Postage stamps!

"Baker Teresa Layman created each of the houses featured on the stamps over a period of two weeks. They were constructed out of gingerbread, royal icing, and various candies, including sugary fruit slices for shingles, peppermint sticks for support beams, and round, candy-coated chocolate for doorknobs and holly berries. To keep the houses from sagging in high humidity, Layman watched the weather forecast to know when to bake and decorate.

The four Gingerbread Houses stamps will be released on November 6, 2013. Look for them online and in a Post Office near you." (USPS website)"

From what I have read in a NAME  Yahoo group, Teresa is a miniaturist and appears to be a member of  the National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts (NAME)

"Renowned gingerbread house architect Teresa Layman built the actual gingerbread houses under the direction of stamp art director Derry Noyes. Stamp artist Sally Anderson-Bruce photographed the houses." 


and here:


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Friday, November 15, 2013


Whew! That was close! I thought life was going to take me out of the mini world or at least blogging about it for a minute there! I think I must have been a little burned out. Things began to seem somewhat boring and my creative juices had all but dried up. My camera couldn't take the neglect and I couldn't find it for a week. However, I also knew that things had to be more organized before my juice flow increased.

 I really missed posting to all of you.  I couldn't stay away completely though, which is why you may have seen me lurking visiting other blogs. I didn't know whether to say good-bye or I'll be back soon. I am glad to be back! :-)

I did work on a few projects off and on during this time. Haven't finished anything. Just kind of trying things out. I thought the least I could do was to share them with you. So here they are:

Oh, yeah...How do you like my blog's new outfit. Cool colors huh?

My first thought was to make this a public chess room, where others could watch and be served refreshments. The logistics didn't seem to work. Would the people watch from a counter? Should others be able to eat at the tables while watching or if no one is playing at the time or would the tables become too messy for the players? Then came the issues of the walls. I kept changing my mind.
a close-up of the table tops.

This is the beginning of the set-up of the "neighborhood" Still a lot of organizing to do.
  You can see here I started to put the stucco finish on the large house. It became too much of a job and very messy. I stopped working on it for a time when I would be more focused. It will look much better once completed. Right now it looks like it has a bad rash.
 I went to the woodworkers guild and cut some plywood to use as bases for future landscaping. They have to be repositioned
 This is on a far wall. Have not been able to
  find just the right fabric  for the windows yet.

One of my many ongoing projects. Here are the two sisters Faith and Hope sitting on top with cute crown combs I bought from a Halloween clearance sale. Hope is waving at you!
 The mall has a ways to go but I am making progress on three of the rooms. As I find or make  more items they will be added.


I have added to the shoe store and made it appear to have an exit to the rest of the mall. I have a few more things to add.
 This is the beginning of the wedding shop in the "mall". It looks much better in real life and I still have a lot more to do of course. The room in rear left is a picture from the internet cut out and glued to give a little depth.

Here is the beginning of the men's shop in the "mall". Looks like it needs another coat of paint. The black shelving is actually a desk caddy turned upside down. :-)
 I decided to add a few more details to the little girls room in the large house. There is now a bookcase, more ponies, a certificate on the wall, positive wall words and other items.
A TV is going where you see the glue on the right wall. It fell and I have to think of  another way to make it stay or make/get a new one.  Imagine a couple of nice posters on the wall. One of my granddaughters and I decided she also needs a corkboard to hang her great work.
 You can see what a great little student she is from the certificate her teacher gave her!
 She has a tiny piggy bank on her bookcase for her allowance
These scenes were packed in jumbled boxes on these same shelves. I decided to take them out and display them. The shelving looks much neater now. In time they will be updated with "grass" and other outdoor items.
In the far left rear is the campsite canteen. I added shelving and have lots of foods and necessities ready to go in it. 
The entrance lights up at the CIRCUS!

This is what it looked like before. 
This what it looks like now. .  
 The lower two levels will also be scenes
 Thanks for still being here :-)!
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