Tuesday, September 23, 2014


First, thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who left those awesome comments! You have no idea how much that encourages me! Welcome to my new followers! Hugs to my, old, er, loyal followers/supporters! LOL I have been crazy busy these days! But, I just wanted to squeeze in a few pictures of some of the mini-ing I have been able to do. I constantly walk past the Chess-taurant, add/change something then keep moving until I can do a little more later!

 Since the last post, I have added the pictures on the wall, changed the bathroom signs (still king and queen), added wallpaper and chair rail to the back wall, added the cooler with the pot pies I made years ago, changed back to the original smaller counter-then added a new top to it, on the left wall you will see a little "free wifi" sign, changed window frame from gold to brown and on the back wall you will see a keep calm and play chess sign and a few other odds and ends. There are just a few more things left to do. Look for more teeny details when I am finished. I still have a bit of teeny and "big" items to add believe it or not! So far I am pretty happy with the way it is turning out. :-)

When I am finished I will go over all of the little tricks I learned along the way and go more into detail.

Be Back Soon!

I know the picture on the wall is crooked. My arm got tired trying to get them even! I will try again later :-/  Of course the cash register will not remain Barbie pink!


I like these two signs better.
They seem to go with the tone of the Chess-taurant better

I wanted to add the rest of the outdoor scene in the window, but my printer is making everything look red-ish for some reason...sigh

If you look at the picture above you will see this sign next to the "window" (yes, I know I need to trim that wood. I will explain later) The window frame gets another coat or so of paint

This customer went to the restroom...I wonder if it was the King or Queen? hmmm lol (pssst, do you know you left your e-reader on the table?)

I made these pot pies a couple of years ago just to try them out. Those are plastic Barbie cake slices. Sorry you can't see the credit cards we accept...we will take whichever one you have! :-)

That is a US penny sitting atop the chess set that someone is going to be playing with.

The counter stools are missing and getting some touch ups right now. The back wall is going to be filled up and other items added all over

This should be the next to last post on this project. The next post will show the finished product!

                              Remember, click on pictures for a larger view!

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Hi everybody!

WOW! I can't believe I have not posted since July! I totally missed August! Well, I am here now and want to show you a few updates of the Chess-taurant. I plan to do a few things more tomorrow so I will be closer to finished or finished. There will be more details because we know how important details are for a mini scene. There are also wall etc. touch-ups

Sorry, everything looks a bit jumbled. This was just to share something with you in case I don't get to post again within the next few days. Things will be neater once finished.

Don't forget to tap on the pictures to make them bigger!

Front view. The scene from the window on the left is  from photo I took of the outside of the Chicago Art Institute. I still have one more panel to put in and work on the window frame 

Things are still a little out of place. The window frame is actually the mat from a picture frame painted gold. I don't think I will keep it that color. The right wall will have framed pictures.

Right under the posters on the wall will go a cooler. I made the barstools.
The bowl is one half of a party favor rattle. I will go more into detail on the other things in the next post.

Sorry you can't see this very well. These are chips I made from clay

I made the platter of sandwich rolls and the sparkling cider bottles were once bowling pins.

The right wall needed something so I decided to make it comfortable with a fireplace like Panera Bread or Atlanta Bread company restaurants.

This is the women's restroom. It says "Queen" on it and the men's says "Kings."
Sorry you have to turn your head to see it. lol I just couldn't seem to get it right side up!  I will have to take a better one
( I have more projects I have been working on to share with you soon!)
Click on picture for a larger view