Monday, August 6, 2012

Looking under the bush

Last Sunday I packed my daughter and three of my grandaughters in the car. We went to Charlotte North Carolina to the National Convention of National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts' (NAME) public day. More about that later.

I was also looking for a package of bushes that are sold at Joann's craft store. I read about them in one of my yahoo groups. I called Joanne's craft store in Charlotte. Bingo! They had them.I had just the right place for them in my dollstory town.  So, I made two trips in one.

Here are pictures showing why I wanted them:

I already had a  flat mini sized map.

There are also places to put stones and flowers

This shows some of the assorted bush types which happen to match the ones on the map. Notice the ferns.

The bushes come in a pack of nine. They are a slightly larger  than a golf ball.
 These bushes glued on with a few stones and flowers will make the "park" three dimensional. Just right for a relaxing dolly walk.


  1. Hello Grandmommy,
    What a great idea. Genious!
    I look forward tos eeing what else you add to it to work your magic.
    Big hug,

  2. Thanks so much Giac! I will continue to think of ideas improve the park then post them.

    If you have a great idea for the park don't hesitate to share it with me.

    Major hugs! :-)

  3. I love finding out about stuff like this. I will have to check them out at my local Joanns. They look like they could even be snipped apart and made into weeds! Fun. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Bell and Crow,
      So happy I could share. I have cut a few to make them different sizes. There is styrofoam underneath which cuts very easily. A few leaves came off when cut. I can think of a few ways to use them too! :-)


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