Sunday, June 30, 2013

This Is Where I Bin

  In my blogs, I often talk about my thrift shop finds. I thought I would share with you one of the shops I love to visit. I went when the store was closed so they wouldn't think I was casing the joint and planning a heist! LOL  Everything there is purchased by the pound. Monday through Saturday things are $1.29 a pound. Books and magazines are sold separately. They are only 25 cents a pound! A few things, TVs, large furniture etc. are individually priced. Sundays, everything is half priced! Shopping here is a whole different experience! It is not for the faint of heart! Here you buy what is light weight, which works perfectly for this miniaturist! Usually the things I want are small and at the bottom of the bins.
This is just one side of the store. 'That lamp will be sold by the pound too. It is just there to keep it from breaking
Most everything they have for sale is dumped into large bins. If you have the patience you dig through the bins. There are bins for toys and housewares, books, clothing, linens and clothing accessories. This could be treacherous though. If you can imagine a cartoon with people plowing through things and throwing them up in the air you have the idea. The bins are rolled out and replace with full ones several times a day.

When the full bins are brought out, everyone must stand back and are not allowed to take anything out until all of them are totally in place. Then, the people converge on them like madmen or women. Lookout and hold your children! After they have gotten all they want, things slow down again and I can pick out the tiny doll clothes or furnishings left behind. I have also gotten quite a few wonderful finds for my 1:1 house. Some things are even new in the package!

This is the same side and you can see the price sign top left

The tall blue rectangular bins on wheels are what you put your things in. They are weighed on a floor scale. The plastic bag is removed with your goodies and off you go!

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  1. Very exciting that you pay your item per. weight. You are lucky that you go for miniature parts. Thanks for show and tell how. Very exciting.

    1. Hi Wyrna,

      It is a real treasure hunt! You would be surprised what finds I have gotten there!

  2. Wow, that looks like fun. Great price! The only thing about a place like is I would want to go through every bin or I would feel like I missed out on something great.

    1. Vanessa,

      I have actually spent hours in there! I even found nice fabric from some of the clothing


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