Tuesday, April 13, 2021

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Everybody ready for the contest? 


I have had this blog for twelve years now and have sometimes missed long periods of time not posting. Other times I was more consistant and we all had a blast! We always supported one another and the comments were the best. 

A recent search for my fellow bloggers from over the years gave me a shock! Many are still here. So many more are long gone. My reading list is now filled with blogs that have posts over a year old. Some from even 10 years ago! Where did my mini-friends go?

So, This is an attempt to get my long time followers to bring in new followers and hopefully lots of fun, communication and comments. 

In past contests, I have offered completed items. Since covid has so many of us house bound, I am going to be sending supplies we may not want to go out and shop for like: fabrics, wood pieces, beads, and more!

This is just some of what will be in the prize package.

The rules of the contest are:

1) You must be a follower. The person you refer must also become a follower.

2) The person who has the most people visiting my blog and leaving a comment telling who sent them and becoming a follower will be the winner.  (example: Hi! So and so sent me!) Only a two way tie will be honored.

3) The contest will begin on April 18th 2021 and end on May 9th 2021 lasting three weeks. 

4) The contest is open to anyone in the world!


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