Sunday, February 8, 2015


Yes, this is a potato chip, Cool huh?
(I ate it! LOL) 

Black History Minis!
Some of you may remember some of these pictures from two years ago on Vansdolltreasures. I  am still as enchanted with these real life minis as much as I was when I shared them with her. I didn't post them on my blog then, so I will do it this year in honor of Black History Month. There were even more this year. It was so hard to pick! These are the ones I decided on.
 See how many you can identify before looking at the names. If you don't know the people they are portraying...why not google them!
Next month, I will do the same for Women's History month. Please stop by and support Eunique Jones at Eunique's Photography for more cuteness! I am trying to decide which product I will purchase.
Wouldn't these be cute in mini scale dolls?
 Especially check out, the lead-in video of girls reciting Maya Angelou!! SO CUTE!





The Divine 9 - Eunique Jones Photography
(can you name the sororities and fraternities?)
And last but not least...