Monday, December 8, 2014

First the FUN then the FUNK

I just won a mini prize from Carmen @
Look at these adorable books!

They are even more adorable up close!
                                   Thanks Carmen!

The Chess-taurant has been demolished!
I follow several really professional level miniaturists. When I see them take things apart for improvements or upgrades, I am inspired to do the same.  That is where the unintentional demolition happened.
 At first my printer would not print properly so I could complete the window outdoor scene. Also, It bothered me that with the picture on the inside what should I do on the outside to show there was a window there. So, I took that to mean maybe I should go with my heart and actually cut out a window. I held my breath, went to the Woodworkers Guild work room and cut out the window. The supervisor there helped me practice cutting straight lines with the scroll saw. Well, that is where it got nasty. lol I ended up making a few gouges when I finally tried it on the wall .
Trying to be true to my determination to be like my professional friends I knew I had to cut out a whole new wall. I could have just made a big picture window by cutting out the two sections, but for some reason I didn't think it would be as cozy as having three panes.

The wall on the left if the second one. You can see the gouges on the first one on the right. I have to do a little more sanding and open another jar of paint so all the walls would be the same color.
I re-cut the window wall...still not to my total satisfaction, but something I could live with. When I dry fit it in place a little sunlight shone through and I knew I had done the right thing. :-) So, now it will just take a few more hours of work and the Chess-taurant will be truly complete. So look forward to seeing the new look soon!
Sometimes when I keep walking past something it will call out to me. Just like this one did LOL!
Can you guess what new project I have added to all of my other projects? The next four pictures are clues. What do you think it will be when completed?

One day, maybe last year, I bought a large container of popsicle sticks. I decided to try using them for this project.
Part of the fun was reading the jokes on the backs of some of them!

I used some parchment paper to keep it from sticking  to the surface while I glued them together. Yep that is the price...thrift shop of course!
Thinking I should make this a contest...look for details later. :-)

 THE FUNK the fellow miniaturist who is saying those salacious (really bad for my foreign friends) things about The Grandmommy and discouraging people from my blog that is really mean and I would never do that to you. Like I tell my grands...Be kind !

I ask my fellow bloggers what would YOU say or do to someone who was doing that concerning you and your blog...

For my MANY miniature friends...thanks for being just that! HUGS!

Click on picture for a larger view


  1. You have been having all kinds of fun over there. I have finally h ad a chance to catch up on my reading and your have been busy!! I really need to sit down and make some books myself.

    1. Hi Brini my friend!
      Carmen's books are so cute! Yes, I kept myself busy while I was a away from the blog. I have a few other things to show soon!

  2. Congratulations with your prize, the little books are awesome, I love miniature books! So glad to read the Chess-Taurant is going to be rebuilt and entirely finished, I read "demolished" and thought: "Oh no!!!" LOL! Mmm... I have no clue of what you are going to make, I thought of a garden with a pond, with a terrace, or something like that? Hugs x

    1. Hi there Night owl!
      ddThanks. The books are awesome! Actually the Chess-taurant was my favorite project. I had to pull myself together and decide to fix it.

    2. Hi again, your comment arrived fine on my robot post :-). xx

  3. Hi grandmommy! Congratulations on winning the wonderful books made by Carmen, enjoy :D!
    I had the same thought as Night Owl: the chess-taurant demolished...? Why? But after reading the entire blog it was clear to me. So you now have to solve the problem of the windows (if I read it all well?)? I can't wait to see how you will make the changes.
    Regarding the riddle: maybe it will become a beach? Pebbles, wood for a boat house, or scaffolding, something like that? Oh, I really have no clue, well, we'll see, isn't it ;)?
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Hello there Ilona!
      I was so happy to win the books! If it had not been for my talented mini friends I would have just left it undone. All of you encourage me so much!

  4. Yes, you have been busy! I did the same as Night Owl and Ilona when I ready that the Chesstaurant had been demolished! Oh no! I was glad to read on and see that it will be put back, better than ever. As far as the stone structure, I thing is it going to be a fireplace!. As far as the "fellow" miniaturist that is trashing your blog, I never can understand why anyone has to be like that, so I really don't know what I would do. I might call that person out by identifying them because I think anyone who would do that would lose their followers! Know that you do have a lot of supporters out here who enjoy reading your blog and seeing what you are up to in the world of miniatures.

    1. Hiya Phylis!
      I have friends and family off line who loved that little Chess-tauant too. I couldn't disappoint everyone so I knew I had to fix it.
      Actually, this person gets others to sympathize and feel sorry for them, then bashes not just me, but says bad things about others as well. I know they are hurting inside so I am not mad.
      Yes!, I do know I have supporters and they are great! They encourage me to do things like not give up on my Chess-taurant! :-D

  5. Renovations can be a risky thing in minis as well as big projects! You never know what will happen once you try to pull something apart! You are very Brave to give it a try.... following the vision you are looking for! It will better than ever when it is re-built and you have learned new skills along the way! I always agonize for a very long time before I try to "undo" something! So I can appreciate your courage!
    As far as unfriendly comments go.... I am sorry to hear you have that happen. It seems to me there should be enough room for everybody without the need to be unkind.... didn't we learn that in kindergarten? Delete and ignore them. Hold onto the joy of making things and sharing them with those who love to do the same thing!
    And the Teaser? It looks a little like a stone fireplace surround.... a beach house? Smaller scale??? I can't wait to see more!!!

    1. Hey there DayDreamer!
      I am so glad you understand what it took to not only make the changes, but to use that scary machine. LOL You are so right. By the time I completed the second one it felt a lot less scary.
      Yes, many of us either forgot or never learned out kindergarten lessons. I am praying for peace for that person.

  6. al fin puedo entrar en este blog...mesalía mensaje de privado ...un placer !

    1. Decidí que cerrar por un tiempo para deshacerse de la persona que visita aún diciendo cosas malas sobre el blog antes de ir de vacaciones. Bien ver aqui.

  7. Congratulations on having won Carmen's wonderful giveaway!
    Looks like you solved the problem of the windows and now the Chess-taurant will have great outdoor scenery.
    Do I see a fireplace in the making?
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Hi Drora!
      Thanks! My dolls can't wait to read them! Yes, wait until you see how nice the light looks coming through the window.

  8. Congratulations on your wonderful prize from Carmen enjoy. Phew thank goodness you didn't mean that you had demolished the chesteraunt I was very worried lol. I really can not understand why people have to be unkind life is hard enough. Enjoy your mini making and keep up your fantastic work.
    Hugs Maria

    1. Hey there Maria!
      Believe me I almost left the project. I agree everyone has something to overcome. We know what we are going through but we never know what the next person has to deal with. Especially with bloggers who we can't see.

  9. Привет!
    Поздравляю с победой! Книги великолепные!
    Вы сделали большую работу! Договорились с лобзиком! Я борюсь с ним постоянно!
    Мне кажется, что добрых людей гораздо больше! А злых надо пожалеть:):):)

  10. Tatiana says:Hi!
    Congratulations on your victory! Books gorgeous!
    You did a great job! Agreed with the jigsaw! I struggle with it all the time!
    It seems to me that the good people much more! A necessary evil sorry :) :) :)
    Grandmommy says:
    Thank you! I am determined to get more comfortable with tools. I have bought several and plan to be good using all of them.
    Yes, you are correct...there are far more good mini people than bad!

  11. Congrats on those books, the are so adorable! I think that you are making a fireplace too!

    On the surface, when people say mean junk I just say, "Haters gonna hate." However, in the privacy of my inner self, I call 'em all kinds of dirty curse words and flip 'em off and whatnot.

  12. Hey Muff!
    The color on the books are so vibrant!

    I know I have your real inside voice and outside voice. LOL I think they will learn when they stop trashing people their life will improve. One of life's lessons.

  13. Congratulations on winning the books! Renovations are not a bad thing because you get a second chance to do everything right that you didn't do the first time. Lol! I look forward to seeing your progress in rebuilding. The floor looks great!

  14. Hey there Georgia Girl!
    Thanks! Yes, I have to say I felt better and almost did it a third time just to perfect it. Who knows I might do it one day. I know that was the first time I felt good using a tool like that. I have become more comfortable.

    I finally found where I got the idea from.

    It was a very old post, but made it so easy!

    1. Je vois très bien un grand conduit de cheminée en pierres.....
      Bonne journée,

  15. Lovely books - lucky you (^ ^)
    I'm gonna try my luck.. Regarding the riddle: well, I guess its not a wishing well or watchtower, so maybe it will become a fireplace??
    Can't wait to see what's its gonna be..
    Hugs, Irina

  16. Congratulations on your winnings! I think tearing things down is sometimes therapeutic and I am looking forward to the rebirth :-) I see a fireplace in the making...but maybe that is because I made a stone one for my fairy house and it is still on the Haters gonna hate, but you just have to shake them off and move forward like you are doing.
    Have a great weekend and thank you for the lovely comments you leave on my blog.

    1. Thanks Lisa!
      I was always too afraid to be able to relax and enjoy working with most tools. This was the first time I really felt great about it. I even cut those popsicle sticks on the scroll saw! Yep about the haters I am glad there are great miniaturists like you to hang out with. lol.
      You blog is really fun so I have much inspiration for comments! :-)

  17. Hello from Spain: congratulations for winning these miniatures. I follow the blog of Carmen and she is lovely. Keep in touch

  18. Congrats on your winning. I enjoy your creations and unfortunately the hater are out there and that;s all the got going on

    1. Hey there Brini!
      Thanks! Glad you like my stuff. Sometimes I have a hard time deciding what should go where. LOL
      Yep. Haters need love too I guess. lol

  19. Congratulations for win Carmen's books, are really beautiful! Enjoy a lot! I hope you will haven't any problems in blogphere again. Thank you very much for your comments. Hugs.

  20. Paky hi!
    Thanks I love the books. I am going to pray for love where there is none.

  21. Very late to the party, but... what cute books!

    Add me to the list of those relieved that the Chess-taurant's demolition was temporary. You're very gutsy to have tackled the scroll saw.

    As far as nasty people... ick. How upsetting and frustrating. I hope your hater stops with that nonsense.

  22. Hey there Smaller Places!
    You can never be too late for this party. Just show up! lol Well, the Chess-taurant is going down hill. I am really going to do a lot of renovations now.

    I think the "hater" gets a lot of attention and sympathy when they whine and complain about how bad the world is and how wonderful they themselves are.
    They just need prayer


It is fun hearing from all of you!