Monday, December 22, 2014

Thank you everyone who let me know my email was not available. It is now. Ilona you may try to send your address using that email now!

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Check for available prizes

Hi All!

 To those eligible for a prize, in order to know what has already been chose, please keep checking The "Come and Get it" post as I will update it as people make their selections. :-D


Friday, December 19, 2014

Come and Get It!!!

Ok, all of the winners have selected what they want. Now it is time for everyone else to let me know which gift they would like! You have until January first to make your choice.

That would be:
Georgia Girl
Nite Owl=I
Day Dreamer
Smaller Places
Les Mains Calmes

The WINNERS chose:
Chris P=B
Narina N
I hope everyone enjoys their prize and

I wish everyone the most joyous and peaceful holiday season ever!
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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Contest Rules and WINNERS!

Ok. Time to reveal the winners of the contest!

 Rules: Just get the right answer! LOL

Everyone who guessed it right will get something. You have a choice of a prize. The person who guessed it correctly FIRST will have first choice, the second person to guess correctly will get second choice etc.

And the winners are...

                                                            #1. Phyllis

                                                            #2. Drora

                                                            #3. Chris P.

                                                            #4. Norina

When I saw this I thought it looked like a Chalet in the mountains!
There will be shelving in the middle and on either side of the fireplace
When it calls to me again...I will add more :-)


Please send your address to my email
After the winners pick their choice EVERYONE who guessed or  commented on any of this contest's posts gets a choice of the remaining prices!

I didn't realize all of you were quite so sharp sooo.....

 Just replace the word car with Mini prize LOL

 After the winners pick their choice EVERYONE else who guessed or commented on any of the posts about this contest gets a choice of the remaining prices! 
Then email me your address

1:6 collectors may want one of these
The two trees are wooden and come together with the mats
My doll is 51/2 inches Your Santa is maybe 3/4 inches shorter. 

This prize is the carousel Santa
These snowflakes are metal. There are ten in a bag
I hope you enjoy your prizes!
  Don't be surprised if there are other goodies included :-)
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Please Stand By...

Just wanted to let all of you know that I have not forgotten about you. I am having a few problems loading the prize pictures.  As soon as I get this fixed I will  announce winners and show prizes. Thanks for your patience!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

A backwards contest! HEHEHEHE!

The contest will be over on Monday December 15th. I will give you the rules then. Right now...just take a guess at what you think it is. :-D  HeHeHe!

See previous post.

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Monday, December 8, 2014

First the FUN then the FUNK

I just won a mini prize from Carmen @
Look at these adorable books!

They are even more adorable up close!
                                   Thanks Carmen!

The Chess-taurant has been demolished!
I follow several really professional level miniaturists. When I see them take things apart for improvements or upgrades, I am inspired to do the same.  That is where the unintentional demolition happened.
 At first my printer would not print properly so I could complete the window outdoor scene. Also, It bothered me that with the picture on the inside what should I do on the outside to show there was a window there. So, I took that to mean maybe I should go with my heart and actually cut out a window. I held my breath, went to the Woodworkers Guild work room and cut out the window. The supervisor there helped me practice cutting straight lines with the scroll saw. Well, that is where it got nasty. lol I ended up making a few gouges when I finally tried it on the wall .
Trying to be true to my determination to be like my professional friends I knew I had to cut out a whole new wall. I could have just made a big picture window by cutting out the two sections, but for some reason I didn't think it would be as cozy as having three panes.

The wall on the left if the second one. You can see the gouges on the first one on the right. I have to do a little more sanding and open another jar of paint so all the walls would be the same color.
I re-cut the window wall...still not to my total satisfaction, but something I could live with. When I dry fit it in place a little sunlight shone through and I knew I had done the right thing. :-) So, now it will just take a few more hours of work and the Chess-taurant will be truly complete. So look forward to seeing the new look soon!
Sometimes when I keep walking past something it will call out to me. Just like this one did LOL!
Can you guess what new project I have added to all of my other projects? The next four pictures are clues. What do you think it will be when completed?

One day, maybe last year, I bought a large container of popsicle sticks. I decided to try using them for this project.
Part of the fun was reading the jokes on the backs of some of them!

I used some parchment paper to keep it from sticking  to the surface while I glued them together. Yep that is the price...thrift shop of course!
Thinking I should make this a contest...look for details later. :-)

 THE FUNK the fellow miniaturist who is saying those salacious (really bad for my foreign friends) things about The Grandmommy and discouraging people from my blog that is really mean and I would never do that to you. Like I tell my grands...Be kind !

I ask my fellow bloggers what would YOU say or do to someone who was doing that concerning you and your blog...

For my MANY miniature friends...thanks for being just that! HUGS!

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