Friday, April 4, 2014

Free Stuff for My Minis!

My favorite question on my teacher's budget was, "Are you going to throw that out?" lol That is how I acquired so many supplies for my classroom. Now, I ask for mini purposes.

Mini Enthusiasts are everywhere. Some embrace their mini selves. Others don't yet know they are one. It is not necessary for one to be a crafter or even collector to be classified as an M.E.! Just start talking about or showing your minis and you will see that mini light go off in an M.E.'s eyes. I saw it happen when given two of the items below.

If you know Grandmommy, you know I am a true miniaturist or M.E. I interpret the world in terms of minis. What can that be used for in mini world?  Hmmm.

Because of either my constant mini babbling or from asking for valuable mini leftovers, I recently ended up with these fine additions to my studio supplies!

Many thanks :-D

This is a really cool assortment of Glidden paint samples. Can you believe this! It was given to me by a certain large bellied art teacher ( Best wishes for you and your son who is due soon!)

This is linoleum from an apartment repairman at my daughter's building

I asked for scraps, but he insisted I take the whole roll! I think he was excited because I requested it in Spanish. lol
This the color I chose for my free paint coupon from Lowe's

It is the perfect peach color I have been trying to mix-with no success. You can't really tell, but it is painted on the rear wall.  Great coverage and a little goes a long way. This is a future store in the Mall I am making. Update coming soon! 

I tried and tried to get good shots, but these were as good as it got.
 Sooooo, everything in this post was free! How cool is that?

Click on picture for a larger view


  1. That is so inspiring! I love the peach color you picked and am looking forward to seeing your progress on the store. I sometimes don't let others know about my mini obsession for fear they will think I am weird. I have some family & friends that already think However, you've proven that sometimes people will be supportive and may even make a donation to our worthy cause. ;-)
    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Hi there Lisa!
      You are very welcome! I know exactly what you mean about people thinking you are weird. I am different in a lot of ways so I am used to it and just take my chances when telling people about my love for minis. I find most people even if they are not M.E's like to support "artists"

  2. Congratulations on your goodies! It is always fun to stock the workroom with supplies (especially when they are free!).

    1. Hey there Isabelle!
      Yes, I am going to start using that linoleum soon. It will solve a lot of flooring problems. :-)

  3. You received some nice goodies. I love the color of the free paint that you have. Very gracious of your friend that gave you tons of sample paints.

    1. Hi Georgia Girl!
      Thanks! I have a few others I bought some time ago, but never used them. That paint is so nice to work with. I happen to be in Lowes again last week and it was on sale. I bought another color. :-)

  4. Goodies galore! We craft people always have to be on the lookout and it's great when the non crafty assist us.

    1. Hey Muff!
      Yep, we crafty people aren't called crafty for nuthin. LOL We can make something out of nothing most of the time. They see trash. We see treasure. LOL!

  5. Congratulations on all your free supplies, you're certainly good at finding useful things.

    1. Hi Wyrna!
      Thank you! Yes, you have to keep that eye out. I am always thinking...minis!

  6. Personally I always ask people to keep their leftovers for me and often people do big amounts ±D! But here at home they are not always happy with my stock of free supplies. But then I am used to say, as many other miniaturists do: it is definately NOT garbage, no, these are my ideas ;)!!
    I love the color you picked and I am looking forward to see the progress you made. Enjoy of you free goodies, Grandmommy!
    I wish you a nice weekend!
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Hello Ilona!
      Thank you very much. I know I spent this morning trying to sort out my free stuff and bargains, Whew! I decided this year that I would use what I had and try not to bring in so much. Doesn't seem to be working very much huh? :-D
      You enjoy your weekend also!

  7. Its good to have a few folk around who support the mini habit....hobby!

    My husband brings me little do dads caps, boxes because he knows it as good as flowers for me ;)

    Your paint collection is wonderful! ohhhh like a big ole Christmas gift!

    1. Hey there Jane!
      Yes, I love mini en__supporters. LOL Your husband sounds like a real winner! Lucky you!

  8. A wonderful paint collection, and for free! What more can a miniaturist ask for. I get broken bead necklaces from my friends and Kinder egg staff from my grandchildren, small cut mirrors from a glazier, cardboard pieces from a picture framing shop, etc.
    These make me very happy but also accumulate and take valuable space.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Hi there Drora! What great resources. You are right. It takes up a lot of room. I have spoken to a couple of professional organizers. I am thinking of getting one of those craft rooms like on Pinterest. But I need help!

    2. For those who may be interested in hiring a professional organizer I interviews two women I found on this website;

  9. The paint collection is the bomb diggity!! You can't beat that, let her know she is awesome!! I always believe in the old saying, "One man's junk is another man's treasure."

    1. Hey Brini lady!
      I know! I know! I couldn't believe how generous she was. I owe her big time. Yep, these items were certainly my treasures!

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