Sunday, August 11, 2013

Changing Room!

 My dolly friend came over to my duplex apartment/studio for the first time. The rooms definitely needed  reorganization and she gave me some advice. So, now I am going to make more room boxes to keep it less crowded rather than more large houses. Also, I wanted to be able to make quick scene changes for the doll stories instead of having static and unchanging scenes as with a house.  It would also be nice to be able to try things out before making them permanent in another roombox or house.The Universe heard me again! Every time I take pause about spending so much time and money on minis, I get confirmation that it is a perfectly fine thing to do. How did I get it this time?

Another great find! This is what is known as an Illuma-room. It was designed for the mini American Girl doll.
 At first when I saw it, I didn't know what it was, but thought it would be perfect for a room-box. The walls, floor and ceiling are inserts and removable. They are attached by magnets on the outer walls, floors and ceiling and within the inserts. All of the inserts are reversible meaning twice the options. They come complete as sets with furnishings. The rooms have ports in them for lighting and other electrical items. You can use a detached battery compartment, an electrical type platform or a transformer which  are sold separately. The ports on mine can't be tested as I don't have any appliances. I bought it for $4.89 not sure if I used a discount also or not. Even though I am excited about it, I still can't figure why it is made on an angle. Was it to save money?

Later, I went to the this store  and purchased wood panel wall inserts that I was going to use for flooring. I didn't realize what they were until I noticed the shape was the same as the Illuma-room. I never found the ceiling piece. It was probably there, but shopping in that place is hard work!! They were pretty heavy to buy by the pound because of both the wood and the magnets in them, but well worth it!

 American Girl has discontinued Iluma-rooms so it was a real find!

 Here is a website that shows a little more.
American girl-illuma-room

With the "Purple Room" walls that came with it

Here it is with no inserts and the magnets showing

The paneled look . It seems to be from the stable set. The walls are reversible to redwood.I didn't see the ceiling and I got tired of digging lol

$(KGrHqV,!o0E-wDlhyoeBP6e ...
A complete stable set found on Google
Gladys Bell is showing the scale is just right for her. Hi, Gladys Bell!

Here is the stable door
Found this on google images. They can be configured all sorts of ways. Things stick to the walls by the magnets

Click on picture for a larger view


  1. very interesting! thanks for letting us know!

    1. Anna,
      Thanks! I will be on the lookout for more accessories and walls!

  2. Great finds! I am more into the roombox and shadowbox style myself. I have seen a few people do compartmented rooms in a bookshelf, neat idea also.

    ..gears creeking in head ;)


    1. Jane Smith,

      Thanks! I was thinking about doing that too. I know a lot of 1:6 collectors do it that way with the shelving. I like that for stories too.
      Don't forget to share some of your new ideas with me!

  3. What a find. I myself are also pleased whit room boxes. I love the small intimate scenes. The Horses scene is impressive.

    1. Wyrna,
      I was so excited when I realized what everything was! Now, I can really concentrate on one room at a time instead of several rooms in several houses. Although, I will still enjoy those too.

  4. Hello Grandmommy,
    What a fun roombox. It is very clever. I think the stable is a great idea. I cannot wait to see how you have worked your magic.
    Big hug,

    1. Giac,
      Doesnt it look like fun? For some reason I don't think I might use it as a stable. But, we shall see.

  5. That is wonderful! Thanks for showing all the details. I've had in mind to do something like this, but hadn't figured out how to make it work best. The box is on an angle because they are giving you the perspective view. When a person draws a room, it is usually the perspective view so you can see the full scope of the room. That was such an incredible find. Congrats!

    1. Vanessa,
      You are very welcome! I can see what you mean about the perspective. Thanks for the explanation. :-)
      Hey, lets whip one up with woodworking. I'll bet you could come up with an even better one!!

  6. Love the stable...first time seeing the room-box! Thanks for stopping by and your comment!
    Have a great day!

  7. Loretta,
    You are welcome! Lots of hugs to you and yours! :-)

  8. Hi grandmommy! I think that your find of the American Girl boxes are terrific! I love it when something unintended for minis becomes a Fabulous find! Well done. I love the magnet idea too. Very practical and makes the boxes much more versatile. I know how you feel about the lack of space for a big doll's house. I am seriously considering selling the big kit houses that I just found in the garage and replacing them with more Arthur kits! Small, but not too small doll's houses, are better for me too!


    1. Elizabeth S,
      Hi there! I think I am going to have a lot of fun with that room box! I have not been able to think about selling the kits I have...Maybe one day I will assemble them... hehehe. I have to check out those Arthur kits!

    2. I checked out the Arthur houses...turns out I have one. LOL Bought it at a thrift shop for $2 assembled. It is orange though and needs a little tlc

  9. Beautiful!!! I love your blog!!


  10. A practical way to get a beautiful roombox!

  11. Eliana,

    Yes! And the fun is it can be remodeled over and over again!


It is fun hearing from all of you!