Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Baby? What Baby?

Meet Beth. She is Gladys Bell's daughter who is single, seriously dating a much younger man and not ashamed of it. Beth is a professional woman. She has not shared exactly what it is she does. I think it has something to do with social work and housing. She lives in a condo a few blocks from Niecy and Trey.

Beth is getting a mani-pedi at the her favorite nail salon when her mom comes in to share the news about Niecy and Trey. She loves her mom, but she also knows what a busybody she can be. She also knows that her mom, like most busybodies, usually gets the story wrong. She is letting her nails dry under the lamp when...

Beth: Mom! What are you doing here?

Glady Bell:  I came to tell you the news about Trey and Niecy! I am so excited! I just couldn't wait to tell you!


Beth: What is it?  
Gladys Bell: They are expecting a little one! A baby! 
Beth: Mom are you sure?
Gladys Bell: I just happened to  pass their house and hear them talking about the family they are expecting! Niecy was so sick today she had to leave work! We are going to have to go shopping. Oh no, wait...I can crochet a baby blanket!

 Beth: Well, if Niecy has not told me she must not be ready to share this with anyone. Maybe you shouldn't mention it to anyone just yet.
Gladys Bell: Oh my, I don't know how I am going to be able to keep this a secret! I am so happy for them! A baby!

 Beth: Mom, you must promise you will not mention this to anyone, especially Trey and Niecy! Ok?

 Gladys Bell: Oh my, look a the time. I must be off to meet Mildred for tea!
Beth leans back and enjoys her pedicure.

 The nail shop is closed now and while the technician cleans up I will tell you about it. It was actually a
 Littlest Pet shop Get Better Center Play set in it's previous life. I bought it bare-bones just the way it is, so to me it looked like a manicure shop! It folds to close which is great for storing until next time.

 The customer with the yellow hair is Tinkerbell. We will talk about her dress later. The doll just walking in on the right is a  Mc Donald's doll from the Barbie series. The doll in the last picture has  the head from a mermaid doll found at the Dollar Tree and a body from a very cheap clearance doll from the supermarket.
 I created the nail polish and other bottles from little beads a few years ago.

Click on picture for a larger view


  1. Hello Grandmommy,
    It looks very good as a beauty shop. I get the feeling this rumor is going to spread out of control.
    Big hug,

    1. Giac,

      Thanks about the beautishop. You are so right on top of things about Gladys. LOL

  2. Now it is just Gladys Bell's civic duty to spread the word throughout the community - at least that's probably what she tells herself, lol. She is a hoot!

    That little shop is really adorable. Those LPS and the Blythe people produce some rather nice sets.

    1. Hi Muff!
      The Gladys Bells of the world convince themselves they have good intensions when it is just the juicy details that they enjoy. lol

      Yes, The LPS and Blythe have some things that are perfect for 1:12 and smaller.

  3. That will not be a secret very long! Thanks for stopping by! Hugs, Loretta

    1. I think people are getting wise to Gladys Bell! lol I love stopping by. It is great I can enjoy all of those delicious treats and not gain a pound!

  4. Hi Grandmommy! I was really Enjoying this story.... and then it stopped! Not fair, I want more!!!!


    1. Hi Elizabeth S!
      I am glad you are enjoying the story. I guess I had better get back on the job and get the rest of the story out! LOL

  5. Hi Grandmommy, I really enjoyed your story :D!!
    Finally I found your blog visiting another blog. Because your blog didn't show up after you signed in as a follower of mine. So I finally can say: thank you for following my blog :D!
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Ilona!
      Thanks and you are very welcome! I really enjoyed your blog too! Sorry, you had a hard time finding me, but glad you did! :-)

  6. Hello from Spain: beautiful family photos. The story is very real. Keep in touch

  7. Marta,

    Thanks! I enjoy your stories as well! :-)

  8. Lol! Maybe buying some salad will save a lot on you! You sound like me when I want something to eat! LOL! Have a Great Day!

    1. Can't help it! Your blog always makes me hungry! LOL


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