Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Circular Wall

 When I saw this wooden place-mat, I knew I would find a purpose for it. And of course, I did! The color was more green than the teal look it has here.  The kitchen in the largest dollhouse (I need to give them names) is going to be black and white with red accents.
The walls needed something more than the usual. So... I painted one black, then painted the place-mat red and put it over the black wall. 

I had a difficult time deciding what color the crown molding should be. I have decided to make it red to give the wall a complete look.

Surprisingly it was easy to cut to size!

 I took the pictures before I added the crown molding and touch-up so you can see the black wall

I like the way the diamonds between the circles match the ones in the flooring.
It actually makes the ceiling appear higher!
The cabinetry has an oak finish. I wanted to use the marble kit in my stash for the counter tops. I also have something similar to black granite. I  thought of painting the cabinets black, but I love the oak. Hmmmm Maybe I will just buy another set of cabinets.

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Meet Trey

Meet Trey. He is the husband of,Niecy, the boutique owner. Trey and Niecy are taking a few moments of quality time after a busy day.

Trey: I have a few new contracts coming up! Yes! I could use  some of Troy's expertise with them when he gets here. 

Trey: Did the new shipment come in at the boutique? 

 Niecy: Yes, I haven't had a chance to inventory all of it yet. I just didn't feel like it and left a little early. I am so anxious to have my family here I can't concentrate.

Trey: I know you can't wait until your family finally gets here. But, I want to spend as much time as I can...alone...with my baby before they get here. Come here...
Niecy: I'm OK. (snuggles closer)

Shhhhhh...lights out...wait! Is that...?

Trey owns a growing construction company. He will have a hand in all of the construction going on in town including his own home.

You may have noticed the ladies' cute little outfits lately. We will talk about those soon.

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Have a Seat?

 Somehow I have only three of these chairs. They are labeled, "fabulous Furniture." The cushion is a creme color with a circular pattern. I sure would like to have at least one more for my dining room table. If anybody recognizes or has one of these to sell please contact me. Thanks!

If you click on the picture you will be able to see the pattern better

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Retail Therapy

 Nora does a little retail therapy at the mall where she runs into an old friend. I refer to her as an "old friend" because I really like this doll. She is posable and has red hair. She will show up later with a name and a life in the hometown. lol Right now she is just a fill-in.

The store is in the mall I started some time ago. I now have a lot to go into the various stores so I am working on those too. Ah, the throes of A.D.D.! LOL

Old Friend:    Oh my goodness!Nora!
Nora:      Hey there! How have you been? 
Old Friend:  Great! I just got a promotion, so I am treating myself to a pair of shoes. What's up with you these days?    (I love that  circular rack behind them!)

Nora:  I am moving back to my home town.
Old Friend When!
Nora:   In a couple of weeks. We are waiting for Troy's transfer to be complete
Old Friend:   I wish you two all of the best.
Nora: Thank you. I will keep in touch I promise! Bye!
Old Friend: You better! Bye!

The yellow and white shoes are glass rings that go on stemware. The ring part came off easily and can be used for a choker necklace. I don't have the faintest idea where that other shoe comes from, but I love it!

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Whitney mag

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Cold and Steely Refrigerators

 Lately, I have been spending time remodeling the houses in the "neighborhood." I have ideas for two of the kitchens. One will have stainless steel appliances. The other will have black. I tried out "appliance stainless steel" spray paint from Lowe's. That is the one in the middle. I really like it. Believe me the picture doesn't do it any justice. I have already tried it on a few other things like Nora's luggage.

The one on the left will be black and I believe I will leave the one on the right as it is. I would like to remove the paint and just have an oak finish like the cabinets in the black and white kitchen to make it look like a built in refrigerator. I am not sure what is under the paint, so I think it is best to just paint it black.

Each family is in a different age group and income bracket so I want to decorate accordingly. 

They all have shelving

 I also thought of turning it upside down to make it seem like the freezer was in the bottom drawer with a change of the handle. If it seems like a lot of thought going into a refrigerator, it is because I promised myself I would stretch my thinking when designing rooms from now on. From now on it is details, details, details.

Before I could finish this post I found some other pretty cool refrigerators. For now, I will use the ones I already have. Maybe in a few weeks I might treat myself to a new one! 

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Just a way to say thanks


I posted for Valentine's Day. That was my first holiday or special day commemoration.  Most times these days creep up on me and I totally miss posting about them.

Today, I thought I would dedicate this Independence Day to the 19 firemen who were killed fighting a wildfire in Arizona a few days ago. There are so many who give their lives to keep us safe and free. It was a hard choice deciding who to honor. So, I give my thanks to all who have given their lives in any way for our country.

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Attract and grab!

 A couple of days ago I was in Lowe's home store when I happened to pass a display of these. The sign said, $2.98 so I wanted to see what tool could be so cheap and boy am I glad I did! The great part is there are two tools there! They are sold attached, but are actually two separate tools. Just snip the packing plastic! One is for reaching those tiny things that are a little too far or have fallen to the floor. The other is a magnet for those small screws etc. that rolled just out of your reach. It is telescopic which makes it easy on the back when reaching. The perfect size for minis!

They are on a dollhouse roof to show size

Press down on the spring and...

the little grabber comes out the other end!

Beneath the spring area you can see the head of the magnet attached with white plastic. Just snip to separate
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Monday, July 1, 2013

Nora and Niecy

 Niecy is busy at work in her boutique when she gets a phone call. It is from  her sister Nora. Nora is out on the patio with her iPhone headphones on. They are both so excited about the up coming move!
Nora: Hey sis!

 Niecy:  Hey, lady! We  are counting the days until you guys arrive! yes, uh huh...everything is going well! Busy! All we need, is you, mom and dad here.

Niecy: I can't talk long. I am getting the closing time rush. So, are you two all packed up?

Nora: Girl, I had to get off my feet and take a rest! I didn't realize we had so much stuff!
 Niecy:        Hold on Nora. (to customer) I'm sorry. May I help you?
 Customer:  Yes, I have decided to take these.
 Niecy:         Listen Nora, I have a customer. I will call you back when I get home. LOVE YOU!

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