Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wall Paper Trail

I have to give myself a pat on the back. I have started redesigning my victorian house. As you may recall, it looked like this before I started working on it.

Before the redesign began
The living room now has fresh wallpaper which is actually wallpaper for a 1:1 house. It has little flecks of gold that you can's see. Luv it. Don't be surprised if you see it in the "big house" I just acquired. My 1:1 dining room is the same color scheme, but the walls are painted.

I still have the carpeting in the living room from when I was going to make it a more modern house. Now, changing back to the Victorian period, I will put down wood floors and a rug later to make it more authentic. I also have wall to wall carpeting in the bedroom. I just love that purple in there, so I  just might leave it there. We shall see.

 The wall paper in the nursery is dollhouse wallpaper from Hobby Lobby. I wanted something vintage and for a girl. It also needs new flooring.

The wallpaper in the kitchen is up. It still needs to be trimmed.

 The plan is to put up crown moulding in all of the rooms which will make it look neater and more finished.

The Victrola looks a little small for this scale, but it will do.

Linen, curtains and lots of other things will be added after the crown moulding. This is the second floor room on the left above the living room.
View 1 of the living room, bottom left of the house. I have another matching chair in a different shape to add. The rug will be replaced. Lots more to be added here.

View 2 of the freshly wallpapered living room.The ceiling will be finished and have a medallion added.

I couldn't resist using this wallpaper even though I realized it was not the right period. The cook told me she liked it too. She was a little upset I photographed her before she could be painted. LOL Lots more will be added here too.

Wallpapered nursery


Click on picture for a larger view


  1. Awesome! You have gotten quite a bit done. I love all the wallpaper you selected. I'm so inspired!

    1. Vanessa,
      Thanks! Now come on and play dollhouse! lol

  2. Very nice! I have always wanted a oll house...maybe one day.

    1. Georgia Girl,

      Thanks! Ut oh it is in you...a dollhouse is in your future. lol

  3. It's charming. A lot of love is going into that.

    1. Roville,

      Thanks! The love comes from others who have helped me improve at this.:-)

  4. Hi, What a lot of fun to redirect your project. Look forward to seeing your progress. Janine

  5. Beautiful wallpaper! And so wonderfully placed on the walls! Wallpaper is so tricky to get it on straight, I admire your work, fantastic job!

    Many mini hugs,

    1. Jackie,
      Thanks so much! It WAS a little tricky because at times I had to stick my arm in there without seeing what I was doing. LOL


It is fun hearing from all of you!