Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Cup Runneth Away With Me Part II

Warning...long post!

Thanks to a little playing around with Blogger and Roville's and Vanessa's  suggestions it looks like I am back in business. Thanks Roville and Vanessa!

 As promised, I have a couple of great things I want to share with you. 
  This project is waaay on the back burner. I bought it about two years ago not knowing what I was getting into. I just knew that I loved it. Once I got it home and compared it to my dolls, I realized it was too small for 1:12 scale. So this will become my 1:24 scale arboretum/ day. It opens by lifting the whole glass top. I have a lot of the accessories for it, but I just want to do a few other things and get more experience first with lighting and such.  So, for now it will go back into a box in the back of the studio.

This seems to be a bird feeder. Not sure. It has a nice Greco style to it. I thought it looked like someplace for my dolls to hang out and experience warm bubbles or maybe just a place to pitch pennies and watch birds. I painted the roof with textured spray paint to give it a shingled look and covered the pillars in marble looked wallpaper.  It will be an easy clean up when I finish and put "water" in it. Mini Barbie thinks it just right for posing.

Then there are these tiny 1:144 waiting to be furnished

Now for my Grand Finale. TADAAAAA! My Craigslist purchase!

You might remember, in Part I of this post, I said I didn't need any more projects...then if you noticed I mumbled something (  mumble mumble.) LOL Well, I happened across another deal. LOL
It had been riding around in my daughter's SUV, because it would not fit into my car. Both her back seat and one middle row seat had to be folded down in order for it to fit. She finally brought it over this weekend. I was like an expectant mother. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. The fellow I purchased it from must have thought I was a nut because I kept squealing and jumping up and down. AHAHA
  It is huge at over a yard tall and wide and vintage hand cut from lumber not a kit! It has nine, yep, nine rooms and opens from in the front and the back as well as the middle sections. Don't you just love that little landing in the front hall? All of the windows are glass and several of  the floors wooden. The carpet will of course be changed to match the decor.
Even the little front door is cute. I am thinking of using a white stucco type finish on the exterior with black window frames and lots of landscaping. The color looks different because some are from the Craigslist ad and the bad ones are mine. LOL 
Good things come to those who wait on God! 

You can see where it comes to next to my daughter

Closed front
Kitchen area


Front center hall


Here is a comparison between my Victorian one and the new one

As if that weren't enough, I got a bag FULL (16) of books to go along with it...check them out.

Now, you have to guess what I paid for all of this...Whoever gets it right or the closest without going over wins this: a pathos plant in a ceramic vase. It works for both 1:6 and 1:12 scales{battery not included :-)} In the event of a tie, the first one to comment wins!

Oh, and-ah...this is, ahem...the last new project...for real... :-x

Click on pictures for a larger view


  1. I guess 25 dollars, it is a great dollhouse!!

    1. Thanks Neen,
      I already have ideas and supplies to get it going!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Chris! I am collecting things and getting ideas already.

  3. Awesome dollhouse. Your enthusiasm for it, and the jumping up and down in excitment, makes me smile.

    1. Roville,
      Thanks. It is going to be a major project. Glad I made you smile. I am just a kid who never grew all the way up. LOL

  4. Hello Grandmommy,
    What absolutely wonderful treasure you have! I love everything and think they will make fantastic projects.
    The dollhouse is lovely and I like your ideas...can't wait to see you transform it.
    I'll guess...29.95
    big hug,

    1. Thanks Giac!
      I might have to call on some of your genius to get ideas and skills.
      Major hugs,

  5. Hello from Spain: your purchases are stunning. I do not know what you paid. I say $ 100 ... . Keep in touch

  6. Marta,
    Thank you so much. Lets see what guesses I get in a week. :-)

  7. Replies
    1. Wegrowgreener,
      Thanks! We will know how much in a few more days!:-)

  8. I guess $55! Its beautiful!

    1. Thanks Anonymous!

      We shall see how much very soon! :-)

  9. Wow what a fantastic house. I would also jump up and down in excitement lol I am looking forward to seeing what you do to it :) I am not very good at guessing but I will give it a go $110 I am sure that whatever you paid for it you got a bargain :)))
    Hugs Maria

    1. Maria Ireland,
      Thanks! I am getting ideas and putting things aside for it. I have promised myself I will finish or be close to finishing my Victorian house first. I have my work cut out for me for a couple of years. LOL

  10. I think it's worth but I'm guessing $60? It's in great shape so congrats!!! Have fun with the rehab.

  11. Mini Dork,
    Thanks! I couldn't believe it had so much glass that was still in tact.
    I am so anxious to get started after I get a little more done on the Victorian.

  12. Ola Carmen,

    La respuesta será el miércoles! Manana.

  13. Get out of town! What an amazing find. I'm jumping up and down with you. You just have to love an awesome deal. Now I'm excited for you to get started on the new house.

    1. Vanessa,
      Thanks for your support! Hope you will share some of your expertise as I work on it. :-D

  14. You have done a very nice job ! Wow !

    1. Shasarignis,
      Thanks so much for your compliment!It makes me feel encouraged.


It is fun hearing from all of you!