Saturday, June 2, 2012

Woodworking in miniature

Today was so exciting. Some time ago I found a group for woodworkers. I told my friend Vanessa at Van's doll treasures. She was so excited she joined right away. After I heard her stories and saw her projects, I knew I wanted to start too.
On my second visit, I met a man who just happened to mention he made mini furniture.
I was intrigued and asked a few questions. Turns out he has his own workshop and is not only a master carpenter, but a licensed contractor. So this man knows houses...big and little ones!

He invited me to his shop. OMG! What fun.

I saw some of the tools and other equipment he uses for minis.

OK here is what I saw:

A contraption he made to work with mini tools

Table made by Bill. Notice the details. The drawers have tiny dove tail joints.
The shell design on the front was done by hand!

 I even got a goody bag of various types of wood with which to practice. Yippie! 
 As soon as I solve some technical difficulties, I will add more pictures. Stay tuned!


  1. Congrats! How exciting. He does wonderful work. Did he refer to the contraption as a jig? One guy is always talking about jigs and I don't completely understand them yet. Aren't the guys wonderful? Looking forward to seeing some of your wood projects.

    1. Van, he didn't call it anything in particular. If you look closely you can see the tiny saw in it. He also attaches other tools to it.
      You and I are in this together. I am glad we are learning at the same time.


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