Saturday, March 14, 2015

Giveaway Prize and Cat Rescue!

I won this fabulous dress from the give away at!
I know. Gorgeous right? I was so excited I said, " ok this is going in my bridal shop. Then, I thought wait, it could go into my boutique, now I am wondering, even though it is a little more modern, if I should put it in my Victorian seamstress' at-home sewing room. She is a little before her time. LOL I am sure it will tell me where it wants to go when it gets here. Oh, for joy, for joy!
 Thanks So Much Felma!! 
When I first saw this in the thrift store, I saw cute little kitty cats. Then I was horrified as I realized this was some kind of sadistic game. Can you believe anyone would have fun playing this? It is played by catapulting the little kitties through the air aimed at a target. I liked the kitties. so I  decided to buy and rescue them.
The catapult will be dismantled and used for parts. (sorry the pics are so dark. Still haven't learned to send Print Shopped pictures to Blogger once I edit them) 

Don't worry....they have all been adopted!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

March and Minis...Contest Winning, St. Patrick's Day, Women's History minis

I will share more in the next post and show the picture of the prize and reveal the blog...( doing the cha-cha!)
So many enjoyed the Black History Minis.
 Here are the March
 Women's History Month Minis 
Aren't they cute!
Please do not forget to support the photographer Eunique Jones at




Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
  Coming soon! A highlight on a different kind of mini-lover!



Sunday, February 8, 2015


Yes, this is a potato chip, Cool huh?
(I ate it! LOL) 

Black History Minis!
Some of you may remember some of these pictures from two years ago on Vansdolltreasures. I  am still as enchanted with these real life minis as much as I was when I shared them with her. I didn't post them on my blog then, so I will do it this year in honor of Black History Month. There were even more this year. It was so hard to pick! These are the ones I decided on.
 See how many you can identify before looking at the names. If you don't know the people they are portraying...why not google them!
Next month, I will do the same for Women's History month. Please stop by and support Eunique Jones at Eunique's Photography for more cuteness! I am trying to decide which product I will purchase.
Wouldn't these be cute in mini scale dolls?
 Especially check out, the lead-in video of girls reciting Maya Angelou!! SO CUTE!





The Divine 9 - Eunique Jones Photography
(can you name the sororities and fraternities?)
And last but not least...