Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Love ALWAYS Wins

Even though I have been pretty quiet since my last post, I have been very busy. Most of my projects are medium to pretty big. I will share the updates in a future post. So, I needed a quick project I could complete just to feel a sense of accomplishment.

I looked at my mini church. As most of you know, it was completely built when I purchased it. I drew out some ideas for a renovation and began working on it when coincidently tragedy struck.

 On June 17th the embodiment of hate walked into a church, prayed with a group in bible study, then, massacred nine of them. I live in the state where this happened. The victims were wonderful contributors to society. The victims consisted of a state senator/minister, librarian, grandmothers and other beloved people.

The gunman wanted to start a "race riot!" Instead people came together in love and peace against hate. In court, the family members forgave the shooter. How noble! The whole country has been affected with a lot of shifted  thinking . As a result, many changes have already been made. I want my grandchildren to always see this as an example of the power of love over hate and so...

I have decided to dedicate my church in memory of those nine saints. It will have a prominent place among my other projects.


To be able to understand the entire story
Even though I am still working on it, I wanted to show what I have done so far. Look for the completed project soon!

 Click on pictures for a larger/better view

Downstairs is the Pastor's office. Notice the floor.
It is actually printed photo paper I purchased on EBay
(papers on the floor are for the mini wastebasket) The desk will either be painted or replaced.

The attic will be where out-of-season items will be stored

The floor/ceiling was taken out to be painted.
I painted over the downstairs "windows'

These ladies are ready for service! (this with the floor/ceiling dry fitted)
 I have a stained glass I am going to add to the sanctuary.

This curtain fabric came in handy and fit perfectly.
Sorry for the dark pics I used a light and it made even it worse!

NOTE: Several years ago nine heroic firefighters were killed while on duty in Charleston. They were memorialized as the Charleston Nine.  Many people have now re-memorialized the victims of the church massacre as The Emmanuel Nine as a gesture of  respect to the firefighters.


Saturday, June 6, 2015


Well, the Mystery doll is not a mystery any more! Barb the Evil Genius has found and shared not only her name, but her whole history (just when I was going to have a name the mystery doll contest! lol) Guess that makes Barb not so evil after all! Just a genius. :-) She really knows her dolls! I was so excited I started researching everything I could find about her right away!

Ladies and Gents You have met Rose of the Magic Attic Club dolls series!

I knew it was her when I saw the hands. I found many who looked like her, but none had her hands. She feels like vinyl to me, but after more research I realized she has to be porcelain. Could that explain her changes?  She once sold for $150.  (She sure didn't look worth that when she was unearthed!)   One reason I know she is porcelain is because she is only 16 inches tall. I could not figure out why she was so much shorter than the description.  Only the porcelain dolls were that height. The other reason is, she has no navel so that makes her from the older line. Rose even has books about her adventures!

She was changed from Native American (Cheyenne) to Hispanic. Her original  makers made primarily Native American dolls. Her name was first Cheyenne Rose then Rosa. I still call her Rose, her original name, in the early books. Here she is in her original box.

Learn all about her background and that of her many manufacturers over the years. She even has connections to Robert Tonner and Marie Osmond. Read about it here

Although, I thoroughly enjoyed designing and sewing her first outfit and was ready to sew more, I did buy a pattern for four outfits once I found out who she was. Oops, Just realized that would be the 18" version. Oh well, I guess I will have to use my alteration skills to adjust them.

Thank you so much Barb for finding out my little girl's heritage and sharing it with all of us! ~hugs!

p.s. There is also a Magic Attic Club Yahoo group which I have already joined. Don't be surprised if you see some of her MAC friends here in the future!

The Grandmommy

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Quilting, Shopping and MYSTERY DOLL MAKE OVER!

Hi everybody!
I have been all over the place concerning my hobbies.  While looking for something for one project I found something I was working on a few months ago. This is my first attempt at making a quilt. The pieces came from a bunch of small precut squares for a 1:1 quilt. I know now I need to be careful about the prints and line them up better. I was mostly concentrating on making the seams and the squares even. It does not have backing or fill because it was pretty much for practice. Next I will learn about patterns. This is in 1:12 by the way.
 Here is something I have never seen before. It was in Walmart for only $5.00. You of course understand I HAD to get it. I plan to paint it. Probably yellow.  I didn't see the house just furniture for the rooms.  Sorry, it is so dark!I really need to go back and finish that light box!  



Apologizing once again for the dark pictures. This was the fourth take. Clicking on them will make them a little clearer.

Mystery Doll make over!

Here she is! I looked into my bag of wigs you may remember from a previous post.  I first tried a black wig, but thought it made her too old. I wanted her to be a sweet little girl. I also have a little information about her. DC 1997 21060 is stamped on the back of  her neck. I could not find the company online. So, I don't know what DC stands for.

I chose a wig I thought went well with her complexion and eye color. It was straight and best suited for a woman until I curled it with the boiling water method. For some reason the pictures don't do her justice of her in  the Auburn hair. She also got some brighter lipstick and a little acrylic rouge on her checks to look more cheery.

I tried this wig first. I thought it made her too mature looking. I wanted her to look like a sweet young girl after all she had been through. I do like it though.

I got an idea for this dress and made it in one sitting.  The plant next to where her right hand is pointing is exactly where she was buried.

I also made her sandals and bows.

I handled her so much I began to muss her hair. It can be touched up again. If it will not stay put I might just switch it back to the black wig. Which do you like best?
 There is still one mystery...most people suggested her eyes and mouth were swollen from either being buried or in the rain.  However, her body didn't seem to be swollen at all and they are made of the same materials...