Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Contest Rules and WINNERS!

Ok. Time to reveal the winners of the contest!

 Rules: Just get the right answer! LOL

Everyone who guessed it right will get something. You have a choice of a prize. The person who guessed it correctly FIRST will have first choice, the second person to guess correctly will get second choice etc.

And the winners are...

                                                            #1. Phyllis

                                                            #2. Drora

                                                            #3. Chris P.

                                                            #4. Norina

When I saw this I thought it looked like a Chalet in the mountains!
There will be shelving in the middle and on either side of the fireplace
When it calls to me again...I will add more :-)


Please send your address to my email
After the winners pick their choice EVERYONE who guessed or  commented on any of this contest's posts gets a choice of the remaining prices!

I didn't realize all of you were quite so sharp sooo.....

 Just replace the word car with Mini prize LOL

 After the winners pick their choice EVERYONE else who guessed or commented on any of the posts about this contest gets a choice of the remaining prices! 
Then email me your address

1:6 collectors may want one of these
The two trees are wooden and come together with the mats

This prize is the carousel Santa
These snowflakes are metal. There are ten in a bag
I hope you enjoy your prizes!
  Don't be surprised if there are other goodies included :-)
Click on pictures to see a larger view!




Please Stand By...

Just wanted to let all of you know that I have not forgotten about you. I am having a few problems loading the prize pictures.  As soon as I get this fixed I will  announce winners and show prizes. Thanks for your patience!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

A backwards contest! HEHEHEHE!

The contest will be over on Monday December 15th. I will give you the rules then. Right now...just take a guess at what you think it is. :-D  HeHeHe!

See previous post.

Click on picture for a larger view