Thursday, July 31, 2014

SLJ Info

 Ok everybody! Thanks to Sarah of Amber's house I was able to get things back into English! The weird part is when I tried to use a translator it identified the other language as English! Glad that is over with. Thanks again Sarah!

Several people commented on Samuel L Jackson's mold. He is a Star Wars character Samuel plays named Mace Windu I got new from a thrift shop a few years ago in a damaged package. He is one of my favorites. I just took him out of the box and put him on display. Today I counted 9 points of articulation including waist and neck ( or would that be 16 counting both sides?)  It seems he may have had his sabre. I can't remember.

 Star Wars: Episode II Mace Windu 12" Action Figure (Photo:

Close-up showing teeth
Ok, here is the weird part. The stamp on his back says Hasbro 1993. He didn't star in the Star Wars prequels until 1999!
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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

For some reason blogger dashboard is all in what I believe is Turkish. Here is an example:

ቅንብሮችን ይለጥፉ      ለጥፍ

Can anyone tell me why? Or at least tell me what this says? There are two words in English...the rest are this language!


Friday, July 25, 2014

TJ X 4= 1

Since I cleared out the  Barbie area, I started digging out my Barbie stuff.  When I looked at these four guys,  all are the SAME TJ,  from the Kenya doll collection I knew I wanted to put them in a house or diorama, but who wants to have four of the same dolls?

I  actually went a little crazy when I bought them almost for free at Wal-Mart and set them aside a couple of months ago, then ordered some flocking from online. When the flocking finally arrived from china I could not wait to try it on them. I wondered how different from each other I could make them look.

I am satisfied with how they turned out. Each one now has his own look and personality.  Here are two that had hair make-overs and one original. I was so busy buying them I didn't realize there were four different outfits which furthered their individuality. I still have a couple more and have not decided what to do with them and one more has a different outfit. I held up some grey hair, but it didn't look quite right.
I am actually outside at night taking these pictures. I have decided this Barbie Dreamhouse will be a venue of some sort. Just seems parties should be held here.

He was actually the last to get a do over. For some reason there is something dusty by his mustache. He must have been eating something lol. I think he looks similar to singer Stevie Wonder.
Here he is with hair compared to the original bald look. I think hair makes him look younger. SAME DOLL!

I was hoping I could get him to have an afro like this guy
It was tricky and there are a few naturally thin spots, but I think I will still fill them in. Basically I am pleased.
Don't they all look different now?!
A few posts ago D7ana talked about LGBT in fashion dolls on her blog. A few days before her post I had taken this photo because my Samuel L Jackson Star Wars doll was in this position. Um, I think we can assume he is heterosexual!

None of my ladies seem to be able to escape his charm!

So, this is what they do when I am not looking!
The weird part is a Samuel L Jackson commercial came on while I was doing this post. LOL

You can never know what I am going to blog about next. I am currently working between two scales and still organizing in 1:1 scale. LOL


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