Sunday, February 24, 2019

Hi everybody!

I have made little progress since my declaration. I am pleased I got at least a little done. Here is my current progress as promised.

A couple of years ago, I saw container looking very much like this one in a recycle bin. I tried to ignore it, but it kept whispering-kitchen. I checked it for the recycle number. There wasn't one and it appeared not to be within the levels my town collects. So I rescued it.
Image result for smartweb ratchet smart strapsImage result for recyclenumbers

I had to figure out exactly what it meant by "kitchen"  knowing it had to do with minis. When I brought it home and placed it in the cat house, I knew! The width was perfect although it was a little low for the dolls. 
I didn't want them burning their knees while cooking, so these two pieces of foam core are going to be glued together then added to the bottom of the unit to lift the kitchen unit.

There is one thing this project is teaching me. Be precise. Drawing straight lines and cutting them are not my forte as you can see with the foam core (no worries it will be covered). I learned to take my time and use as many steps are required to get things straight. Be patient. Make as many careful pass throughs with your cutting tool as you need. I used to make a few then bend the piece back and try to break it apart. Now, I will make passes until I cut it completely off.

Since this is going to be a gourmet kitchen,  it needs a six burner cooktop. It is simply a googled  picture printed on photo paper reinforced with cardboard because it will be over a hole. One day I just might make one from scratch. I plan to make a large sink to go into the other hole. The backsplash tile will be this gray base with a combination of muted colors. Also, photo paper printed google pics. The sides are cut out like notches to match up better.

The label was unyielding when I tried to take it off.  So, I decided to spray stainless steel appliance paint over the paper and all. Big mistake! The paper began to bubble. There was nothing else to do except to try to remove the paper. Ugh! It came out looking like this.

Ugh! Ugh! I tried using a p220 grit sandpaper to get it off. It didn't budge. Next, I skipped to 80 grit. Nope. My next attempt will be with a sander. I will be back with the results.
Wish me luck!

Here is  a snapshot of the bedroom so far. There is a matching comforter that needs to be adjust because it is a little too big.

Click on picture for a larger view