Monday, May 15, 2017

Houses Around the Books/ Tree Ring Circle of Fun!

Hi Everybody (waving vigorously)👋

Boy oh boy am I a happy mini-lover! A library in my area has started a mini group! As we all know miniaturism can be such an isolating hobby. Requiring only one set of hands. Yet, we also know nobody understands us like we do. So having like minded people around is more than fun. It is stimulating!

It started one day around Halloween.  There was a mini display in the library vestibule. "Excuse me" I had to ask the lady at the desk..."can you tell me who put that display together out there?" From there it went.

We meet once a month to make tiny things and chat about...whatever! The ladies are ultra talented and everyone has something to add. It is a diverse group. Whoever desires can lead the group for the monthy mini project. All we have to bring is ourselves. Most times, there will be other items on display around the room by whomever wants to share their creations. What is even more awesome is we brainstorm with one another when we are stumped about something we are working on at home. It can even be brought in to get live feedback.

The librarian, who started it all, is a full mini addict from "across the pond" and participates equally. She makes me think of my followers who also hail from other countries. Sorry, I don't have any pictures as yet, but promise some in the future.

So far, the group has made a water feature, tiny pillows, cake from bread scraps, bead perfume vanity trays, tote-bags and maybe a few other things before I joined.  I presented the perfume trays and pillows.


A couple of weeks ago while I was out of state, I just happened to be exploring a thrift shop I had never seen. I was shopping along minding my business, when out of the corner of my eye I saw this.  (Move over kid. Let them see! Can't blame him...I feel the same way.)

Melissa & Doug Classic Wooden Tree House Set | Shopping - Big Discounts on Melissa and Doug Play Sets:  
 This is not a picture of mine...of course. (I would be in the picture hovering over him) It is from

The swing was all I could really see in my line of vision which was quickly sized up in my mini mind. Yep! Looks 1:12 to me!  I tried not to look crazy and run in slow motion to grab it before the child in front of me got to it. I had already skulked around waiting patiently for her to put the Barbie bike down. So, I sauntered over then swooped it quickly into my shopping cart...just in case.

Mine is missing a few parts including the house on top, a trapdoor bridge next to the house, the tire  swing ( seems I saw it  around here somewhere ) and tree branches that I am sure I have in my stash (or Dollar Tree time!). It is a bit wobbly making it hard to move for pictures just yet. Which means it still needs tender loving care, and that is perfect, because this is the very project my granddaughter and I had planned to make one day. A TREEHOUSE! I can see birds and animals and a few other things added.

Oh yeah, it was discounted that day costing me about $2.75! 😎😎😎