Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Love ALWAYS Wins

Even though I have been pretty quiet since my last post, I have been very busy. Most of my projects are medium to pretty big. I will share the updates in a future post. So, I needed a quick project I could complete just to feel a sense of accomplishment.

I looked at my mini church. As most of you know, it was completely built when I purchased it. I drew out some ideas for a renovation and began working on it when coincidently tragedy struck.

 On June 17th the embodiment of hate walked into a church, prayed with a group in bible study, then, massacred nine of them. I live in the state where this happened. The victims were wonderful contributors to society. The victims consisted of a state senator/minister, librarian, grandmothers and other beloved people.

The gunman wanted to start a "race riot!" Instead people came together in love and peace against hate. In court, the family members forgave the shooter. How noble! The whole country has been affected with a lot of shifted  thinking . As a result, many changes have already been made. I want my grandchildren to always see this as an example of the power of love over hate and so...

I have decided to dedicate my church in memory of those nine saints. It will have a prominent place among my other projects.


To be able to understand the entire story
Even though I am still working on it, I wanted to show what I have done so far. Look for the completed project soon!

 Click on pictures for a larger/better view

Downstairs is the Pastor's office. Notice the floor.
It is actually printed photo paper I purchased on EBay
(papers on the floor are for the mini wastebasket) The desk will either be painted or replaced.

The attic will be where out-of-season items will be stored

The floor/ceiling was taken out to be painted.
I painted over the downstairs "windows'

These ladies are ready for service! (this with the floor/ceiling dry fitted)
 I have a stained glass I am going to add to the sanctuary.

This curtain fabric came in handy and fit perfectly.
Sorry for the dark pics I used a light and it made even it worse!

NOTE: Several years ago nine heroic firefighters were killed while on duty in Charleston. They were memorialized as the Charleston Nine.  Many people have now re-memorialized the victims of the church massacre as The Emmanuel Nine as a gesture of  respect to the firefighters.