Friday, July 11, 2014

Organization...Catch it! It is Contagious! & Artist Highlight!

Hi everyone!

 Two posts in one day!?

I can't explain it. It just happened! Ok, there are always things I could be doing other than working on minis. Given a choice, I usually chose minis! The last few months, I have not put much time into them or even the blog choosing to do other things. Well, I had fun, but minis were always in the back of my mind.


And then it happened! I saw Hey it's Muff's last post. It was on organizing her fashion dolls et al.  When you go to her blog you can be sure you will come away having learned something new, fun and useful! I wish I were as skilled as she is. Her blog is such a positive place and her pleasant, friendly and playful personality really shines through as she shares her knowledge with everyone!  Isn't that why we all log into mini world? Stop by her blog and educate yourself while having a few giggles.

Anyway, something inside of me became motivated and I started cleaning, sorting and organizing my doll studio like a mad woman! The more I did, the more...I did! That was the answer! Clutter and disorganization dampened my creativity. Before then every time I would go in there I would do a little then just stand there not knowing what to work on next and I wasn't satisfied with what I did work on.

Now, I have created the Barbie section in the outer room liked I always wanted. I had to dismantle my beloved park. I tried setting it up in another location temporarily. It has to be moved to a better spot that will give it justice.

In my madness I got an idea for a high rise office building overlooking a park in the 1:12 room. I like it because it adds a modern-urban look. I may tweak it and remove most of the park area out front.

Today is the third day and I still have the organization bug! Sometimes we just need a little positive energy from our friends.

Thanks Muff! :-)

The shelving on the right will be changed to Barbie dioramas to keep the theme in this section. Right now there are 1:12 scenes. Landscaping will spruce up the neighborhood.  Something will have to be done with that boring wall. The car parked out front is actually a radio!

I bought this Barbie house the day before the organizing blitz. Would you believe it was only $5! I  just placed here, but with a little clean up and remodeling plus nice window curtains in the background the whole area will be gorgeous! I already had the shelving section at the bottom. It will become two more rooms!

Sitting out on the  side balcony watching the sun go down

I didn't realize how much Barbie stuff I had.
There is a boxful waiting to become dioramas.

The 1:12 Room
Two views of  the table with the office high rise and part of the park in the front. They are two shelves one placed on top of the sideways one on the bottom. I like them because they add a touch of urbanism to the 1:12 room. I like the atrium area.
 I have two more shelving sections left. Wondering where they may pop up. hmmm

These guys are just hanging out in the lobby for now  :-)

These are a few additions to current projects. Before now, I just couldn't really get into them like I wanted.
The partially finished bathroom in the big house. Some things like the tub tile wouldn't cooperate. I have a few more great features waiting to be installed

 The Chess-taurant.
That is a window frame on the left wall. It is not attached. I could not find just the right window scene to go in there. Then my printer would not function right sometimes. I had to back off for a while. There are a lot of accessories waiting to be added to the room. Note the chalkboard menu specials sign on the front left

I tried out the logo on to-go bags and a menu

The candy store in the Mall
Here are the new glass shelves in the mall candy store. I still need to make lots more candy to fill them! Click on the picture to see the details!

A bit more work and I will be finished. The candy dispenser on the left wall is micro beads glued into acrylic battery packaging. The shelving in the top picture on the right wall used to be scrabble tile holders now painted red.

More pictures to come soon!

 Click on pictures for a larger view


  1. Amazing space! Oh my goodness, if I had that much room I would go buck wild building an entire city in there. I love the Chess-Taurant. What a net idea.

    You know, every time someone in the dolly world calls me nice or pleasant I am always in shock. Anyone that knows me personally knows that I am neither of those things, lol. I guess my dolls must really make me happy and it shows through in my blog.

    Thank you for the highlight! ^___^

    1. Hey Muff!
      Thanks lady! And you are welcome! That is my goal to build a huge city! I have so many ideas! I have said it before I am so at peace when I am fooling around in mini world (no drama)! You know a sista can act some kinda way in RL! LOL Those adjectives describing you come from the way you take the time to not only share but to take care to make things easy to understand and enjoy what you have done. Your responses show your hilarious sense of humor and sometimes your sensitive side. A tough chest is usually protecting a soft heart. (my quote :-D )
      Here's to my mini friend (holding up my glass of blueberry juice.) LOL

  2. That house is a real find! I love the radio car. :)

    1. Hi Nella!
      Yes, I agree. I snatched it up quickly as soon as I saw it. LOL I like the car too. It is has a kind of retro feeling.

  3. Good for your the grand mommy! I have also started to clear out my room, but I have a loooonggg way to go. Lol! I love your candy store. It looks great! The bathroom is also very nice. Your high rise is awesome! I plan to do several apartments/condos one day. I hope to have my room cleared and ready to create rooms by the end of the year. : ) Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing more of your creations.

    1. Hey there Georgia girl!
      Thank and you are so welcome! I am so glad I have my mini friends to inspire and all of the rest. I had no idea what I was going to do with the shelving I am using for the high-rise. That is what I do buy things and figure it out later...hence the clutter! I think I will go ahead and finish the bathroom since it is such a little room and half way finished. It is great to have a goal! Let's see what Jabari will be doing in one of those highrises! :-)

  4. Hi Grandmommy! Oh dear, you do have lots of projects finished and unfinished, but you also have lots of space to clean up ;)! I can imagine that you have to clean up this space: I do the same, if I lose my creativity. Because the mess I have made also kills my creative inspiration, so organising and cleaning up is a good therapy at least for me ;)!
    I wish you good luck and much pleasure while cleaning up, whilst you think of all the fun things you will do after being finished :D! Good work!
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Hi Ilona!
      Thank you! Sometimes I think I get all of those things just to keep me busy. I know I will be either cleaning or creating. lol I felt like I had just worked out and cleared my mind after hours of organizing. It was quiet and I had a peaceful time.

  5. Hi GM, nothing better then some cleaning and organizing to re-discover some hidden treasures.
    I love love love the Barbie cabrio radio! Hugs AM

    1. Hey there AM!
      Thanks! I am so glad you like the radio. Cool huh?
      You are so right. I was finding things and even found I had duplicates of some things just because they were not organized and visible.
      major hugs!

  6. Very inspiring post! There is that saying "creative minds are rarely tidy." I tend to let things get messy to a point and then hit that creativity block and clean like a mad woman. It's a vicious
    Thank you for sharing the great photos of your space. I love the Chess-taurant (brilliant) and the Barbie radio.

    1. Hiya Lisa!
      Glad you were inspired! I guess I paid it forward from Muff! I have even heard that a clear desk is a sign of insanity LOL! The cleaning and creating cycle keeps us off the streets though. :-)
      I am glad you like the Chess-taurant...sometimes it gets frustrating, but I know it will come out ok.
      Major hugs!

  7. Somebody else who does both 1:6 and 1:12! Yay!

    Great bargain on the Barbie House! Love the Chesstaurant and the planned modern office building.

    Now it's a question of whether I archive-dive your site or hey, it's Muff's site first, since both are extremely tempting.

  8. Thanks for sharing your organizing doll rooms. Very cool. Whew. I feel comforted by seeing all your stuff. And in two scales! Wow!

    I'm not the only one with lots of doll stuff. Very comforting to reflect on ;-)

    1. Dana I was thinking the same thing when I was looking at stuff. I sometimes feel so guilty especially when my grands go in there. Stuff everywhere! I actually have a couple more scales to display but they aren't my favorites.
      Good thing we have each other to understand our passion! :-)

    2. Check out Vita Plastica. There is a lot of organizing going on over there too! lol

  9. Hi there Smaller Places!
    Thanks! There are a lot of multi-mini lovers out there. I have tiny displays to set up one day. I think the offices will be up and finished before anything else because it is so easy and I already have things to fill them.
    Well, when you go to Muff's site make sure you have a pen and paper handy. You will learn a lot!

  10. Oh My Organization is the operative word when it comes to dolls, all their things and all the supplies that go into creating for them - Great post - and TiGGy Loves that Killer Cool Barbiie car - Wow! :)

    1. Hi Tiggy!
      Thanks! I think organization is a big issue for everyone! It seems our ideas are bigger than the space we usually have. LOL I have never even turned the car on. It is a clock radio so maybe one day I will use it in my studio!

  11. Hello Grandmommy,
    Wow! so many wonderful pictures I think my brain blew a fuse! I cannot wait to see your ideas come to will be a wonderful and efficient use of space. I often get that cleaning bug and rearrange my workspaces...but it only lasts until the next big project and then it is back to square one for me. thank you for highlighting a new blog to discover.
    Big hug,

    1. Hi Giac!
      I hope you have put your head back together by now. LOL I have such big ideas about the space my mind is all over the place. Even though Muff is primarily a fashion doll blogger. She also talks about staging photos etc. Plus she is a fun blogger to follow!

  12. Hello from Spain: I love your organization. You are very inspiring. I love your collection of houses. Great job. Well done. Keep in touch

  13. Hi Marta!
    Thanks! I get a lot of inspiration from you also! :-)

  14. Que de casas y proyectos ! Me gusta mucho como lo explicas, te envidio, yo tengo muchos proyectos por empezar, pero falta de tiempo. Besos y feliz semana!!

  15. Ola' Eva!
    Gracias! Tiempo is un problema para me tambien. Algun veces trabajo mucho otra tiempo tengo meses pasada con nada!
    I hope you can understand my Spanish! Es necessita practicar mas. :-)

  16. Hi Grandmommy! I am so glad to know that you also are a lover of Barbie! I use to make my Barbie houses on the tops of my dresser when I was a girl and what a lot of fun that was! However, I would have Loved to have had an actual house like your $5 dollar pad! What a deal!!! And what a car! Barbie can not only listen to the radio as she drives she is IN the radio as she drives! That's Barbie! :D
    Keep up the great organizing work, GM. It is tiring but so rewarding too. And you will even be able to find things after it is done. Bonus!


    1. Hey there Elizabeth!
      Thanks for the encouragement! I love all size dolls. I have other scales in there also. I thought of painting it an modernizing it a bit. But, I decided I wanted that area to be true Barbie. So, I will be restoring. There are a few things I might change but mostly want it Barbified. :-) Betcha you didn't realize it is also a clock with an alarm so she never has to be late!
      Another bonus will be the exercise get! LOL

  17. Привет!
    Я вас понимаю! Я обожаю , когда в голове возникают новые идеи! Хочется что-то изменить , добавить! Я вижу, что у вас очень много проектов! Очень хочется увидеть продолжение! Желаю удачи в вашей работе!


  18. Привет Татьяна!
    У меня так много идей, я не могу держать их все в моей голове! Я обещаю, что разделить их, как я их создания!

    Hi Tatiana!
    I have so many ideas I can't keep them all in my head! I promise I will share them as I create them!


It is fun hearing from all of you!