Tuesday, December 17, 2013


While Maria went back to look at and maybe find few things from the boutique to surprise MJ, MJ makes a find of her own...His name is Willie and the owner of the shoe store at the mall.

MJ: Excuse me do you have this is in a size eight?
Willie: Why, yes we do!

Willie: Here let me take that.
Willie: Is that an Australian accent I hear?
MJ:  Yes, it is! (giggle)
 Willie: Well g'day mate! Does this mean the shrimp is on the barbie?
MJ: giggle
Willie: I am sorry, that is all I can think of when I hear, Australia (lol)
MJ: Don't worry I get it all of the time.
Willie: So are you enjoying...

Carmen: WILLIE! Oh my goodness, it has been such a long time! I see you have met my friend MJ!
Willie: Yes, I have. Now that I know she is a friend of yours maybe she can become a friend of mine too!

Carmen: Now you know why we call you silly Willie! (lol) Come here and give me a hug. It is so wonderful to see you!

Later that day
Carmen: I am so glad we ran into Willie...he is such a sweet guy.
MJ: He does seem nice, but I am not sure I want to accept his invitation for a date. I have met so many men on this trip.
Carmen: Go, you will have fun...I promise you. 

To be continued... 

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    1. Hola Boris Estebitan,Gracias,
      He visitado su maravilloso blog. Espero que tengan una gran semana de Navidad también

  2. Cliff hanger! I love it. I think she might go out with him.
    You have a great blog The Grandmommy. I will be visiting your blog very ofter. Keep up the great work. So much to see and enjoy. I hope to build up my blog too, I'm getting things in order these days. Have a great Holiday Season!

    1. Eve*Sparkle,
      Thank you so much! I have enjoyed your blog already. I think you might be right about the date.:-)

  3. MJ looks like she is having LOTS of fun lol. I hope she enjoys her date ;)
    Hugs Maria

    1. Hi there Maria Ireland!
      Oh, the fun is just beginning for MJ...keep an eye on her!

  4. You have me wondering now...Great storyline! Wishing you a wonderful day! Keep Warm...
    Loretta XX

    1. Hi Loretta!
      Thanks! Keep your eye on MJ there will be a variety of events. :-)
      By the way I go to your blog but have trouble commenting. :-(

  5. Umm, I have just found your message on other's blogger site- one about articulated bodies you are willing to sell. I hope it's not rude, but may I ask you about any photos of them? That is, if they are not all gone :)
    Hope you are not offended, that my first post here is about business :)

    1. Hi MajorMistakes!
      No I am not offended and yes I have them. I will attempt to get the pictures to you via email. Come visit again!

  6. it looks like romance is in the air, I can't wait to see what happens next between these two


    1. Hi Marisa!
      Romance is certainly in the air! Come back to see their special date!

  7. Silly Willie is a sweetie. By the way, I saw the previous videos, but it would let me comment on those posts. Love the merry-go-round ride! Seems like MJ is really enjoying her trip.

  8. Love your play on words....Sole-mates. lol.

  9. Hi Vanessa!
    Yes, he is a sweetie...wait until you see what he does later. :-) Glad you liked the ride. I realized I must have looked really silly at the time. LOL
    Thanks again about the name of the post. They were in a shoe store and MJ is a "mate" from down under!

  10. It looks like you have constructed a huge adventure park in the last photo. It's amazing!


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