Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday Shopping Everyday Gossip

 MJ's first stop in Home Town is Carmen's house. This is the house which got me back into the hobby. My first two granddaughters were born and I wanted to refurbish it with them. I am on my second remodel and still working on it. LOL Two new windows were added on the second floor. You can see the one on this side.

Most of the locations you will see here and for the rest of these special posts are in progress or repair. You may see some of the progress or changes. Some, are the homes of the regulars, but may be used for something else while MJ is here.
I made the brown coat Carmen is wearing last year.
MJ and Carmen have a good laugh about her travels.

MJ describes her encounters with some of the handsome men she has met.
They talk and talk and talk
 Carmen and MJ get up early, after laughing and talking late into the night, to go shopping. Something they both enjoy. We will see a few familiar faces and places along with a few new ones.
Carmen took MJ shopping at Niecy's boutique

Customer to Niecy: Is this on sale too?
Niecy: Yes, this is also "buy one get one free." Will this be all?
Customer: Yes.

The shop is bustling. It seems everyone is doing their holiday shopping. MJ and Carmen leave to go to the shoe store next door.
Carmen made an excuse to come back to the boutique to price the necklace MJ liked. She just might buy it for her going away gift. Then she leaves again.

 Thank goodness MJ is in the shoe store next door or else she might have been the subject of a little gossip! Who knows?
Gladys  Bell waits until everyone has left. She is up to something I can tell!
Gladys Bell: Well, hello there little mama!
Niecy: Gladys Bell! You startled me! How are you?
Looking for something for Beth for Hanukkah?
Gladys Bell: Oh, ah YES, That sounds like a great idea!
Niecy: I have something she might like.
 Look at the look on Gladys Bells' face!
Niecy: These new bangle bracelets just came in. She might like these. I know she usually wears gold

Gladys Bell: So, uh, how have you been feeling these days Niecy?
Niecy: Well, to be truthful Gladys Bell I have been a little tired lately. This must  be the busiest holiday season I have had since I opened! I am not complaining! Just tired.
Gladys Bell: Oh, I see.
To be continued...

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  1. Looks like MJ is enjoying her visit. The living room is very nice! Love the wallpaper. Oh goodness, what is Nosey Bell up to, now?

    1. Hi Vanessa!
      Thanks! MJ had so much to tell Carmen they didn't care that the living room wasn't complete. I am working on the window throughout the house. Gladys Bell is in her fact finding mode. lol

  2. I see that Gladys Bell and Miss Marple may have quite a lot in common. What an interesting way to start off MJ's visit, now I can't wait until the next installment!

    1. Hi Neen,
      I think they might be related! lol I am going to try to post as close to daily as possible since I got a slow start. I think you are going to really like the next one.

  3. Hi Grandmommy! I love the interaction between the occupants and the photo of MJ and Carmen sharing a good laugh made me smile! Great Photo! I do believe that your grandaughter's doll house is the Newberg and/or Queen Anne by Artply. I have the same kit waiting patiently in its box in the garage and I wonder just how complicated it is to assemble? Any feedback?


    1. Hi there Elizabeth S,
      Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. It made me smile to know that you did. :-)
      Thanks for the name of the house! I went to an electrifying class once and couldn't tell the instructor what kind of house I had. LOL I prefer to buy all of my dollhouses already assembled except two and they are still in the box. LOL I will say it doesn't seem very hard.

  4. Gladys Bell is up to no good, just call it a feeling..I bet she robs the place (where are the police when you need them?)

  5. Steinworks,
    Oh how funny! Gladys Bell is harmless...or is she? LOL!

  6. LOL! I like Steinworks comment that maybe Glady's is casing the joint. I don't think she is, but you never know with these super nosey types. Perhaps a need to bring on the drama might give her sticky fingers but I really doubt it. Her over reaching ideas might be her only crime.

  7. Hi Muff!
    Actually Gladys Bell is continuing the story I left off a couple of months ago...I will post several more installments after Christmas. Here comes the drama!


It is fun hearing from all of you!