Monday, July 22, 2013

Retail Therapy

 Nora does a little retail therapy at the mall where she runs into an old friend. I refer to her as an "old friend" because I really like this doll. She is posable and has red hair. She will show up later with a name and a life in the hometown. lol Right now she is just a fill-in.

The store is in the mall I started some time ago. I now have a lot to go into the various stores so I am working on those too. Ah, the throes of A.D.D.! LOL

Old Friend:    Oh my goodness!Nora!
Nora:      Hey there! How have you been? 
Old Friend:  Great! I just got a promotion, so I am treating myself to a pair of shoes. What's up with you these days?    (I love that  circular rack behind them!)

Nora:  I am moving back to my home town.
Old Friend When!
Nora:   In a couple of weeks. We are waiting for Troy's transfer to be complete
Old Friend:   I wish you two all of the best.
Nora: Thank you. I will keep in touch I promise! Bye!
Old Friend: You better! Bye!

The yellow and white shoes are glass rings that go on stemware. The ring part came off easily and can be used for a choker necklace. I don't have the faintest idea where that other shoe comes from, but I love it!

Click on picture for a larger view


  1. Great post ;)

  2. Hello from Spain: nice shop. I like shoes in yellow. Great idea! .. Keep in touch

  3. Marta,
    Thanks! I think they might be my favorite also.

  4. Cute little shoe shop. Love Nora's bag.

    1. Vanessa,

      Thanks! I have a lot more to do before it will be complete.


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