Friday, July 13, 2012


A few posts ago I mentioned I was busy making clothes for my 1:12 doll stories. Then I read a reply by Zdollcloset using the words "fashion show!" Show?! I scurried around grabbing fabric Scarlet O'hara style in reverse and made some curtains.

The styrofoam was in my view. Quick get the wallpaper book out and see if you have anything to match the curtains and the animal print "carpet". Ahhhh just right. I glued it on the runway, next put palm tree candle holders in place and went to get the models.

Well, remember I made you promise not to laugh. Here is my fashion show with a few of the outfits I made.

Just imagine some loud techno music and off we go....

A lovely yellow and khaki outfit to wear shopping on a saturday afternoon

Our lady wears a cool purple and green cotton suit perfect for this heatwave.

This two piece suit is perfect for meetings at the office.


Without the jacket she is ready to go dancing!

I didn't make the blouse, but made then added the burgundy velvet pencil skirt for a professional look.

This is a genuine leather jacket I made some time ago. It goes well with the gold trimmed knit dress underneath. If you look closely you can see the gold button accent on the jacket.
Now she is ready to attend that semi-formal evening wedding after work!

I'm so sorry, he felt there should be male representation with all of the lovely ladies. He grabbed his vest before it was  finished! I think someone told him his bow legs were sexy or something.

And what fashion show would be complete without a bride?

Wait...hol'....somebody help the bride!!!!

And uh that concludes our fashion show!
(somebody untangle the bride please!)


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the fashion show. I think the purple ensemble was my favorite. I like the male outfit. Bow legs and all! Poor bride. LOL! She is having some issues.

    1. Vanessa, I am glad you enjoyed the show and the outfits. I hope to get them into their doll stories within the next month.

  2. I like the fashion show. The dress with the gold trim is my favorite. When will there be a next one?

  3. I liked all of the outfits!

  4. great fashion show.

  5. Thanks Anonymous. Glad you enjoyed it.

  6. What I know about dollies, they are always thrilled with new clothing. They seem to be very happy with your efforts. The purple one is my favorite.

    1. HI Roville,
      I hope to get better as time goes on so they can really have a great wardrobe. :-)
      The purple outfit seems to be the choice for several viewers.


It is fun hearing from all of you!