Friday, July 6, 2012

A Cool Pool

With the heat wave we are having in most parts of the country, I thought about this pool. I couldn't find any markings or manufacturer's name.
 I haven't decided if I will paint the interior or not. If you look closely you will see a drain. The drain actually works. I am going to try to figure out how to keep the water in. Does anyone recognize this? It will show up in a doll story or three. :-)

It seems a little to small for Barbie. Barbie would probably stretch about half-way. My girl and her friends could probably get a few good laps in. 

It has stickers on it. I don't know if they came with it or not. I will take these off.


  1. That is a cool pool. I've never seen it before. I like your little trees in the background.

  2. Thanks! The trees are candle holders I grabbed when I was about to photograph the pool. Oh, and you will see them again during the fashion show.:-)

  3. The pool is fabulous. It’s not pink! I hope one of your readers is able to identify it, it’s a little gem. Were there any markings underneath? I like the trees, too. Candle holders? You think outside of the box – the sign of a true 1:6er. lol

  4. Thanks Roville. I could not find anything that would tell me what it was. The stickers say,"flip" and "world industries"
    Actually, the doll in the picture is a 1:12. But I also own numerous 1:6. :-)

  5. What a pool!!!!!All these little things are amazing!!!!!You can close the hole of the drain with something plastic or with a cork.You have to be very careful with the stickres,in case of holes underneath.You can paint it as it is with spray and it will be fine.In Greece,it's very-very hot too,40degrees of Celcius!!!Ihope your Barbie and her friends to get the best laps ever in it!!!!!
    Many-many kisses from beautiful Greece!!!!!!!

  6. Maria,I think this was a really lucky find too. I had not thought about holes under the stickers, but I will check. Thanks
    Hugs to you! :-)

  7. Hi, the pool is a toy made by Tech Deck for finger skateboards. I believe it was called Del Mar Pool. My son was crazy for the teck deck fingerboards and I had purchased this pool for him thinking I could use it when he was done. Unfortunately, he's still using it!

  8. Ketsia Elie,

    Thanks so much for sharing that information and clearing that up! I am sure lots of other bloggers were curious too! Who would have thought it was for finger skateboarders! Maybe he will let you play with it sometimes. LOL


It is fun hearing from all of you!