Friday, May 25, 2012

Simple lighting

I like to make roomboxes. I will share pictures of some that I am working on. In my mind a dollhouse or roombox is never completed. There is always another touch that would make it that much better.

Some time ago I took a dollhouse wiring class. It was in Atlanta and was a good drive. I need to go back and get a refresher, which they offer for free, for my dollhouse.

 Roomboxes however, look gangly with all of that wiring. So, a solution! wireless lighting. Just stick them where you want them to go and voila! The great thing is the battery is replaceable unlike the small LED lights.

I found a company in the United Kingdom that has a wide assortment of them and I plan to order some very soon. As soon as they can be installed they will be in a post with an evaluation.

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