Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Took a break in the break room!


I had a strange incident a few months ago. I will only say I have to be careful who knows about this blog. I had a weirdo who was following me from blog to blog. I was shocked and felt uneasy because I had no idea he was doing that. I live in a very small town and I guess word has traveled about my blog.

He was a Sears repairman who asked about a post about me on another site. "So, you travel a lot?" was the comment. I had just mentioned that in the other blog. There was no other way he could have known that. I don't like the idea of a stranger knowing I am may not be at home.

At any rate I can't allow that to deter me from what I enjoy. All of you, your blogs and my own blog. I will just have to be more careful about certain things.


I thought this was so cute! There is one with a tiny car I will share next
Don't forget to tap on the full screen to see it better

I have gotten back to my office complex among other things while I was on break
This is the beginning of the break room

I bought the sandwiches online from China. The machine is a pill container I painted black. If I find something else I like better  I may change it. Also need a soda machine

This is the whole office comlex. Lots of work to be done here! There is an event planner office, and a few others I am still working out in my mind.
You can see the break room on top of the second tower from the left.

This is the start of the lobby. The elevator door is only propped against the back wall. The green part on the floor is just a mat and will be removed when the carpet is in place.
The wall paper is real life wall trim cut to size

                                                     Click on picture for a larger view