Friday, July 25, 2014

TJ X 4= 1

Since I cleared out the  Barbie area, I started digging out my Barbie stuff.  When I looked at these four guys,  all are the SAME TJ,  from the Kenya doll collection I knew I wanted to put them in a house or diorama, but who wants to have four of the same dolls?

I  actually went a little crazy when I bought them almost for free at Wal-Mart and set them aside a couple of months ago, then ordered some flocking from online. When the flocking finally arrived from china I could not wait to try it on them. I wondered how different from each other I could make them look.

I am satisfied with how they turned out. Each one now has his own look and personality.  Here are two that had hair make-overs and one original. I was so busy buying them I didn't realize there were four different outfits which furthered their individuality. I still have a couple more and have not decided what to do with them and one more has a different outfit. I held up some grey hair, but it didn't look quite right.
I am actually outside at night taking these pictures. I have decided this Barbie Dreamhouse will be a venue of some sort. Just seems parties should be held here.

He was actually the last to get a do over. For some reason there is something dusty by his mustache. He must have been eating something lol. I think he looks similar to singer Stevie Wonder.
Here he is with hair compared to the original bald look. I think hair makes him look younger. SAME DOLL!

I was hoping I could get him to have an afro like this guy
It was tricky and there are a few naturally thin spots, but I think I will still fill them in. Basically I am pleased.
Don't they all look different now?!
A few posts ago D7ana talked about LGBT in fashion dolls on her blog. A few days before her post I had taken this photo because my Samuel L Jackson Star Wars doll was in this position. Um, I think we can assume he is heterosexual!

None of my ladies seem to be able to escape his charm!

So, this is what they do when I am not looking!
The weird part is a Samuel L Jackson commercial came on while I was doing this post. LOL

You can never know what I am going to blog about next. I am currently working between two scales and still organizing in 1:1 scale. LOL


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  1. I love your new project - you're right, what a place for a party!
    Let the good times roll…

  2. Hi Simon!
    Thanks! I even have these cool lights to put up. The house kind of makes me think of Margaritaville.

  3. The makeover looks great. My favorite is the one with the short hair. You did a great job and it looks so realistic. I think the dream house could be transformed into a nightclub! You already have the good looking dudes & I am sure Samuel L. is up for it *GRIN* :-)
    Have a great weekend,

    1. Hi Lisa!
      Thanks! Glad you like him. He does look like of slick huh? LOL That is kind of what I was shooting for. Could you imagine the Dreamhous sitting on a lake with lights etc? :-)

  4. This house has always remind me of a great beach house were everyone is welcomed. You have quite a few good looking men too over there.

    1. Hey there Brini!
      Yep! Exactly what I was thinking. I can hear music and laughter already! LOL Hey don't forget to send me your email ;-)

  5. Hi Grandmommy! Well, well, you have a bunch of handsome guys in your house and on the door step :D! Cool idea to make the pictures outside in the dark, hehehe :D LOL!! Let's party! I hope the neighbourhood didn't complain about the noise??
    Your make overs are great, I like this idea of the flock powder, because I just wrote a blog about the same coincidental, huh?
    I wish you a nice weekend and a great summer!
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Hi Ilona!
      Thanks...I think there is one for every taste. Great mlinds think alike! My weekend was great. I actually did have an outdoor party! I hope yours was great too. :-)

  6. Looks like the A Frame is about to be party central. Great job on the guys!

    1. Hiya Muff!
      Thanks! I hope I have the dream house named right right. That might be the name of the other house I have. I have so much to remember between the different scales. LOL Wait till you see the lights I have for it!

  7. Hi Grandmommy, I am falling hard for the bald, Isaac Hayes look alike. The short haired guy really does look much younger!!! WoW, what a difference hair ( or not), can make. And Of course, Samuel L. Jackson, is trying to make time with the ladies! It is so funny because before I read the text, I looked at the photo and said, " Hey, he looks just like Samuel L. Jackson!" I thought that you superimposed a photo of the RL SLJ into your blog. Then I read that it is your Star Wars doll! Well, what a great reduction reproduction because you could have, AND DID, fool me!
    Hubba Hubba!


    1. Hey Elizabeth!
      Maybe I will give the Hayes guy a girlfriend named Elizabeth! LOL I still have one more to finish. I really want to make him look a little elderly.
      It was so funny because every time I looked at Samuel he was in some woman's face so I had to take a few pictures. LOL

    2. Oooooo! I'm down with that! :D
      Take note: Isaac, must NOT TAKE LESSONS from Samuel L.J., if he wants to be with ME!
      since I am the "jealous" type

    3. Hey Elizabeth!
      That settles it...he is yours! LOL

  8. Hello Grandmommy,
    The bald look works so well on him. It does make him look younger and really works well. Very handsome gentleman!
    big hug,

    1. Hi Giac!
      Thanks! I kept looking at him trying to see if he was actually different. Seems hair should not have made that much difference. LOL
      Major hugs

  9. Hi there Giac!
    Thanks I think they are handsome also. Funny what a little hair can do.

  10. Great job on the flocking! You can create the afro that you like by repeating the process over and over until you reach the desired style. Just allow it to dry after each process.

    I found this A-frame house on my birthday at a thrift stow and I was like Happy Birthday to m! Lol! I look forward to seeing what you do with yours.

    1. Hi Georgia Girly!
      Thanks! I wanted to try the l layering but I was afraid I would make a mess. Maybe I will do that with the fourth one.
      I love those thrift sto's I have been slowing down. I taked to myself like a child and said use what you have first! LOL

  11. Es el lugar perfecto para una gran fiesta! El cambio de imagen que les has dado es estupendo...¡felicidades! Un beso

    1. Hey Maria!
      Thank you! Glad you like it...There will be lots great times in that place!

  12. You make me wanna look into that flocking stuff. Well done!

    1. Roville hey!
      I was really kind of fun to do. The only hint I have is to make sure you don't have too much glue or try to rub the flocking on or off of your tool. I used a toothpick. If you do it will bunch up. I guess you could put your glue on and tap the flocking but that might make it clump. Other than that I really like the results!

  13. They do all look different, you would think they were all related, but not the same doll. And he does look like Stevie Wonder :D I saw the Samuel L Jackson doll, and thought it looked like him. Whoever did the sculpt for the doll did a really good job, I don't usually recognise them:D

  14. Sarah!
    You are a blog saver! LOL You made it so easy. Since everything was in another language I couldn't tell what was what. Thanks so much!
    With everyone's comments I think I know how I am going to do the fourth one's hair.: -)

  15. Hi the Grandmommy! Yikes am I late making my blog reading. Um, yeah, I think your Samuel L Jackson Star Wars doll is definitely heterosexual. He's looking intent at those ladies - dang, dude, they look like they might be sisters and you got them both on the same bed, at the same time. Tsk.

    Back to the Grandmommy - your reflocks are amazing. They look like completely different characters. Thinking about making over some of my Jamal-faced guys. Hey, guys, what's with the evening running? I'd almost think they were hiding ;-)

  16. Hey D7ana!
    Screaming ova here!! LOL Sammy is a real trip. I am going to introduce him to a doll I will name Elizabeth S after our fellow blogger! LOL
    D7ana, I had them both done in no more than a half hour. Now for the fourth one! I will show him soon.


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