Saturday, May 3, 2014

My Kind of Town II!

This is how I felt during and after leaving

This is just one of the three rooms and a long hall area lined with goodies at the Tom Bishop Show! Can you tell how far back it goes?
 There were three filled smaller rooms at the Linda Frye Show at another location
Look for the creators of this house at: TheLittle Dollhouse Company

This house was huge!

This is just to show the extensive electrical set up
What is so cool is all of his electrical parts are in the wooden compartment at the bottom. Those are real bricks!

The general store on the left was sold when I saw it. If I told you how much it went for I would have to use smelling salts to re-awaken you! lol

That is not the creator. Seems someone was always engaging him and
 I never got a picture of him. These two are by the same artist. Make sure you read the sign in the lower right for contributors

These sweet babies were created by Helga Sadowski of Germany
Yes, her finger is in there. HAHA!
Anybody recognize  Karen? Click here to find out who she is!
Here are some of the things I purchased.  I was anxious to use some things so they are not here. I will have to tell about those in part III
Those are pillows on the left! Can you see the tiaras?
Heidi Ott shoes that actually fit my girls! Boots for my guys. Heidi Ott's son was actually the one selling them!

Unrolls to beautiful hair.
 I bought several more colors, but playing with them with my girls.

If you look closely you can see the beak on the right.
This is where we are now! When my grands told me about it they said one egg, when I ran out and took pictures there were two how...? It was so cute. It stretched open its mouth when I came. I guess it thought I was its mommy. I tried to get him to do it again for the camera, but I guess he was either tired or disappointed. lol There are two red colored birds that are always in that tree and squawk then fly away when I come. Are they the parents of one or all of these!  Hmmm

While I was outside taking pictures of my goodies...this guy showed up!


  1. Hi grandmommy! Thank you for the video of these kids singing their song, the way they all sang and danced on the music, I love it :D!
    Now I know why you had to recover from this miniature show in, what many, beautiful and impressive dollhouses and miniatures. Thank for sharing these pictures. I especially love those of the miniature kids, they look so realistic, they are fantastic work :D!
    But Mother Nature has her own miniatures too: those young birdies and the eggs, thank you for showing!
    I wish you a nice weekend! Hugs, Ilona

    1. Hey there Ilona!
      You are very welcome! These pictures didn't touch the amount of dealers there! I stood there staring at those children wishing I could buy at least two.
      I am getting fascinated about these birds now. LOL
      I wish you a fun filled weekend!
      Lots of hugs!

  2. Hello from Spain: lovely video. Children sing very well. I love dollhouses. Very nice. Awesome. I also like your purchases. Precious thumbnails. Keep in touch...

  3. Hi Marta!
    I felt just like the children when I was in Chicago! I was so happy to be there!

  4. $9,900!!! Holy crap! That must be the best miniature in the entire world to cost that much money.

    1. Hey Muff!
      Muff the one next to it cost more :-) The most expensive one I saw was $75,000!

  5. Wow, what an incredible show! Thank you for the picture tour and sharing your finds. Great purchases and I am looking forward to seeing your creations with them.

  6. Hi there LIsa!
    You are very welcome. Glad you enjoyed it! I have started using some of them already!

  7. The show looks fantastic. I have never been to a doll-house show but it is on my bucket list lol. You got a lot of fantastic items. Thank you for the great tour. The birds nest is wonderful thank you for sharing.
    Hugs Maria

    1. Hi Maria!
      You are very welcome! Oh, you will have a ball! Depending on the location you can take the family and make a vacation of it! There was so much I didn't have time for. Pick a great city and go to that one!
      I have not told my grands a bird is in there. I took a picture to give them.

  8. That was a great show! I love everything!! I'm so glad you found some treasures too. Shout out to the kids in Detroit, that how we do!

  9. Heyy Brini!
    Yes, Brini it was awesome! I have a few more to share then I will just rest thinking about the trip. :-)
    (((waving to the Detroit girls)))

  10. The show looks amazing, I think I would find it overwhelming, those houses are just stunning. The one of the door, with the chandelier, looks so real! Nice purchases too, Im intrigued by the hair material. I wonder what the birds are, if they are red, maybe Cardinals, the nest and eggs look like those of Cardinals, according to google image search :D Hope they all make it, we have starling babies in our attic at the moment, heard but not seen :D

    1. Hi Sarah!
      Yes, you have to take the show bit by bit...It is amazing. I will have to post how the hair works.
      I finally figured out the birds! I will explain in the next post.

  11. Hi Grandmommy! What a HUGE SHOW!!! I am so happy that you got to go. I think that it would be like dying and going to miniature heaven :D So many beautiful things and great purchases too! I was getting sensory overload just looking at the photos. I may just have to start saving my pennies! :D


    1. You have described it exactly! But boy what fun! If we are there at the same time we HAVE to share a meal or something. :-)

  12. ¡Hola!!
    Me da gusto estar en tu blog y ya ser tu seguidora ;)
    Que ganas de haber estado en la feria, y ver de cerca esas miniaturas tan preciosas :)
    Gracias por compartirlas!!

    1. Bienvenidos a mi blog. Me alegro de que te guste y es un seguidor!

  13. I enjoyed your photos from Chicago! As a college student in Chicago, I used to visit the Thorne Rooms often (free admission and I enjoyed the solitude of being in the lower level of the museum). Your photos brought back great memories. Thanks for posting them!

    1. Hi CarolK,
      You are very welcome! Lucky you that you got to not only, but for free! I would be there so often if I could. I would just sit in the garden under that cool tree. :-)


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