Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hair today...

 My love for dolls aren't limited to 1:12 scale.  Barbies, BJD, reborns, you name it; I love them all. That's why when I was thrift shopping  one day my eyes and heart went towards these two beauties. At $1.49 cents each and  a 25% discount they had to come home with me. I snatched them up so fast I didn't notice a problem with one of them.

Seems someone, feeling creative, took a pair of shears to the head of one.  "No problem," I thought. I will just cut off all of her hair and make her a boy ala my froggy stuff.

As it turns out, the doll wig fairy appeared at a local thrift store a few days later. A shopping cart with an assortment of new dolly wigs was at the front of the store. They were only.49 cents apiece! I picked up a few in different sizes. Now several of my other dolls including my five Liv dolls have hair options. They wanted to show you themselves, but I told them we would do a post about it another time.

Aren't they pretty?

She is so brave smiling although she is hurting inside

(Apparently she is hurting on the outside too!)
To the rescue

Ahhh so,so much Better!

What a difference a wig makes!

Yes, they are pretty!

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  1. Hello from Spain: I agree with you. I also collect dolls like yours. I have many different size dolls. I really like your collection of dolls. Lovely. Great job with their hair. Keep in touch

    1. Marta,
      Thank you! We have so many similar interests!

  2. Yes, they are pretty. Hard to believe there were wigs at the thrift store. What a find.

    1. Vanessa,

      Yes, it was. After I got home I wanted to kick myself because I didn't buy more! LOL I did get some cute ones though. I will have to share them later.

  3. Gosh you would never find doll wigs at my thrift store lol. Your dolls are beautiful. I don't collect dolls ( I collect too much already :D ) but I do have a few dolls my own childhood one included and I found a very beautiful one at a charity shop that I just had to have :))
    Hugs Maria

  4. Maria,
    Thanks! I could not believe my fortune! The shop I go to gets lots of new donations. They also have contracts with local stores for the clearance items.
    I don't have many dolls, but some just call out to me and I have to buy them. :-D
    My granddaughters enjoy them when they visit.

  5. OMG!, you sound like me when it comes to "snatching them up so fast". They are very cute dolls indeed. I never thought they would have wigs for that size doll but I learned something new today!! I hope you have names for the girls too. I like Faith and Hope for them. Why, because you knew to go back (walk by faith) and happen (hope) to find wigs too!

    1. Thanks Brini!
      Yes, we mini and doll lovers can scan and shop a store like pros. LOL
      I like those names! I don't know their original names, but I think I will keep those! :-) Hope will be the one who got the wig. :-)

  6. Your dollies are very pretty! Great deal on them too. Yes, that definitely had to have been the dolly angel to deliver the wigs. Lol! I yet to find a wig at the thrift store.

    Very cute names chosen for them by Brini.

  7. Hello Grandmommy,
    What luck! the wigs are great and she looks just wonderful. What a difference.
    big hug,

  8. Giac,
    Thanks :-) I was so happy to find them!


It is fun hearing from all of you!