Sunday, August 25, 2013

Obsession African Style

 I found something recently that can take on my mini obsession. That is, my new obsession with African movies. Normally, I am not a fan of foreign movies because I can't keep up with subtitles. One night for a break from minis I went to CRASH! That was the sound of me falling for a Ghanaian movie series called Adam's Apples. OMG. Everything you want in a continuing story. And guess is in English! I found not only that series, but a bunch of others by the same writer and others at Reel I have absolutely no affiliation with any of this except my constant viewership and occasional comment.

What got to me the most, after the the story lines, was the fashion line! Even the men were dressing in style! I was gasping at each scene of gorgeous outfits. They were so fine I was inspired to make my own mini versions. I didn't even have time to make a pattern or measure anything other than holding the fabric up to the dolls...(singing out the letters-ADD lol). Oh yeah,  there are a few darts sewn in here and there. I used to sew my entire wardrobe-BC-before children. I could have really added a lot of finishing touches or details, but my girls are less than 6 inches ...half the size of Barbie. The girls and guys have let me know it is ok to take shortcuts and not get caught up in a lot of tailor techniques. Thank Goodness! LOL Besides, I think they came out great!

Now, if only I could copy those natural hair styles the Character "KuKua" wears... Believe me, I will make some attempts at it!

First up, lady's fashion with more to come later. The guys will be shown in another post.

Nora did a little modeling before she became a nurse, so I like to use her. (please overlook, glue glops or other faux pas'. My editing program was on the blink. Thanks :-))

A mix of Africa and Asia
Love the exaggerated peplum look
Nora is party ready


Rear view, talking to her friend Tinker
Short and sporty
She wanted to show she could glam it up too!

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Baby? What Baby?

Meet Beth. She is Gladys Bell's daughter who is single, seriously dating a much younger man and not ashamed of it. Beth is a professional woman. She has not shared exactly what it is she does. I think it has something to do with social work and housing. She lives in a condo a few blocks from Niecy and Trey.

Beth is getting a mani-pedi at the her favorite nail salon when her mom comes in to share the news about Niecy and Trey. She loves her mom, but she also knows what a busybody she can be. She also knows that her mom, like most busybodies, usually gets the story wrong. She is letting her nails dry under the lamp when...

Beth: Mom! What are you doing here?

Glady Bell:  I came to tell you the news about Trey and Niecy! I am so excited! I just couldn't wait to tell you!


Beth: What is it?  
Gladys Bell: They are expecting a little one! A baby! 
Beth: Mom are you sure?
Gladys Bell: I just happened to  pass their house and hear them talking about the family they are expecting! Niecy was so sick today she had to leave work! We are going to have to go shopping. Oh no, wait...I can crochet a baby blanket!

 Beth: Well, if Niecy has not told me she must not be ready to share this with anyone. Maybe you shouldn't mention it to anyone just yet.
Gladys Bell: Oh my, I don't know how I am going to be able to keep this a secret! I am so happy for them! A baby!

 Beth: Mom, you must promise you will not mention this to anyone, especially Trey and Niecy! Ok?

 Gladys Bell: Oh my, look a the time. I must be off to meet Mildred for tea!
Beth leans back and enjoys her pedicure.

 The nail shop is closed now and while the technician cleans up I will tell you about it. It was actually a
 Littlest Pet shop Get Better Center Play set in it's previous life. I bought it bare-bones just the way it is, so to me it looked like a manicure shop! It folds to close which is great for storing until next time.

 The customer with the yellow hair is Tinkerbell. We will talk about her dress later. The doll just walking in on the right is a  Mc Donald's doll from the Barbie series. The doll in the last picture has  the head from a mermaid doll found at the Dollar Tree and a body from a very cheap clearance doll from the supermarket.
 I created the nail polish and other bottles from little beads a few years ago.

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

What Nora is Packing!

 Nora pulled her luggage together from various sources. I mentioned in a previous blog that I was going a little crazy with that stainless steel paint.  Here is a really simple idea that takes about 15 minutes!

I painted Nora's luggage with the stainless paint. Then, added Duck tape in the zebra pattern. I used two types of the Duct tape shown below.

The round luggage is from a swimming ear plug set. I am not sure who made the large piece of luggage. It looks like it could be either Bratz or Barbie.

It came in a package like this. I got it from Hobby Lobby, but the dollar stores probably carry them. I have some ideas for the part that goes in your ears too.

I used both the roll and the sheet of Duck tape on the three pieces

The outside was this color before the paint

A few features added. I will use something cuter for the strap
Here is Nora preparing to pack.
 Sorry so dark. Took lots of shots and this was the best!

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Changing Room!

 My dolly friend came over to my duplex apartment/studio for the first time. The rooms definitely needed  reorganization and she gave me some advice. So, now I am going to make more room boxes to keep it less crowded rather than more large houses. Also, I wanted to be able to make quick scene changes for the doll stories instead of having static and unchanging scenes as with a house.  It would also be nice to be able to try things out before making them permanent in another roombox or house.The Universe heard me again! Every time I take pause about spending so much time and money on minis, I get confirmation that it is a perfectly fine thing to do. How did I get it this time?

Another great find! This is what is known as an Illuma-room. It was designed for the mini American Girl doll.
 At first when I saw it, I didn't know what it was, but thought it would be perfect for a room-box. The walls, floor and ceiling are inserts and removable. They are attached by magnets on the outer walls, floors and ceiling and within the inserts. All of the inserts are reversible meaning twice the options. They come complete as sets with furnishings. The rooms have ports in them for lighting and other electrical items. You can use a detached battery compartment, an electrical type platform or a transformer which  are sold separately. The ports on mine can't be tested as I don't have any appliances. I bought it for $4.89 not sure if I used a discount also or not. Even though I am excited about it, I still can't figure why it is made on an angle. Was it to save money?

Later, I went to the this store  and purchased wood panel wall inserts that I was going to use for flooring. I didn't realize what they were until I noticed the shape was the same as the Illuma-room. I never found the ceiling piece. It was probably there, but shopping in that place is hard work!! They were pretty heavy to buy by the pound because of both the wood and the magnets in them, but well worth it!

 American Girl has discontinued Iluma-rooms so it was a real find!

 Here is a website that shows a little more.
American girl-illuma-room

With the "Purple Room" walls that came with it

Here it is with no inserts and the magnets showing

The paneled look . It seems to be from the stable set. The walls are reversible to redwood.I didn't see the ceiling and I got tired of digging lol

$(KGrHqV,!o0E-wDlhyoeBP6e ...
A complete stable set found on Google
Gladys Bell is showing the scale is just right for her. Hi, Gladys Bell!

Here is the stable door
Found this on google images. They can be configured all sorts of ways. Things stick to the walls by the magnets

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Prying Eyes

Trey and Niecy were just about to snuggle closer when he noticed someone at the window...

Trey: Uh, Miss Haversham, may I help you?

Gladys Bell: Oh...I, I just happened to be passing are you Trey?

Trey: Fine thanks and you? ( to himself: That Miss Haversham is something else. lol)
Gladys Bell: Ooh, I am just fine...Well, uh anyway CONGRATULATIONS!

Trey: Congratulations? On what?

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Cool Pool UPDATE

Remember that pool I found last year? Well, I finally found out who makes it and what it is used for. Ketsiaelie of IttyBittyAdventures   shared with me that it is a Del-Mar pool made by Tech Deck. She was hoping her son would tire of playing with it so she could. But, no go. LOL The
 ad even called it a "cool pool" like I did. LOL Is that silver nail polish on that hand? hmmm  Anyway, I was afraid to look at too many other things available on the site...and you know why. LOL I know they at least had a really nice picnic table there. Come to think of it, I  already have a few of their ramps in my mini park! I added them because I actually enjoy watching skateboarding competitions myself! :-D

You can look at one now selling. on Ebay.

I certainly didn't buy it for that price!

Thanks Ketsiaelie! 

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Gone Tomorrow

Here are the other wigs from the thrift shop I promised to share with you. The Liv doll has on a wig probably meant for a clown, but she said it matched her dress so she got that one. As you can see, there were various colors, sizes and styles. There were also packages of curly hair that has to be glued on the head or made into a wig.  I stood there picking up and putting down one after another. At .49 cents why didn't I just buy all of them? This store is about twenty miles from my house.  I couldn't justify driving that far for the rest of them the next day when I came to my senses.  Besides, I convinced myself, they probably wouldn't be there anyway.

My blog buddy Brini of Brini's Doll Domain suggested the girls be named Faith and Hope. I like it. They told me they liked those names too. So it is.  Below is Hope.

The wig on the left actually came with the ribbons. The one on the right is similar to the one Hope is wearing

The wig on Hope's foot is a little smaller than the one she is wearing

Liv insisted on showing the price. She just couldn't believe her fortune lol

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hair today...

 My love for dolls aren't limited to 1:12 scale.  Barbies, BJD, reborns, you name it; I love them all. That's why when I was thrift shopping  one day my eyes and heart went towards these two beauties. At $1.49 cents each and  a 25% discount they had to come home with me. I snatched them up so fast I didn't notice a problem with one of them.

Seems someone, feeling creative, took a pair of shears to the head of one.  "No problem," I thought. I will just cut off all of her hair and make her a boy ala my froggy stuff.

As it turns out, the doll wig fairy appeared at a local thrift store a few days later. A shopping cart with an assortment of new dolly wigs was at the front of the store. They were only.49 cents apiece! I picked up a few in different sizes. Now several of my other dolls including my five Liv dolls have hair options. They wanted to show you themselves, but I told them we would do a post about it another time.

Aren't they pretty?

She is so brave smiling although she is hurting inside

(Apparently she is hurting on the outside too!)
To the rescue

Ahhh so,so much Better!

What a difference a wig makes!

Yes, they are pretty!

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