Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How It All Started-And Now A New Start

A toast to Gypsy
 If you look at my bio, you will read that I had not been active in doll-housing in many, many years. When I got two little granddaughters within a year, dollhouses came back into my life. It started with one of the regular shoppers in a thrift shop I frequented. All of the regulars got to know one another, which made it really fun shopping there. One day I got a call from one of them to hurry and come to the thrift shop! There was a beautiful Victorian dollhouse that needed a little loving care. That would be perfect for my grands.

I rushed over there to see then buy the first dollhouse I owned in over ten years. (she actually walked around with it in her cart until I got there (LOL) The last house was one my daughters and I decorated with store bought items. It met its demise when we came home from a day of fun to find the cat had destroyed it. We never got another one.

Now, I was buying one for the future when my grand-girls would be a little older. Eventually, the time approached when I needed to pull out the house and begin the fun with the girls. It was about that time that a friend I never met told me how she was a Barbie fanatic. We met when we frequented the same "old school chat room."  I learned all about scale and other particulars of the mini hobby from her. We became a pair of dolly fanatics. She had insomnia and a few other ailments. I was just bored being newly retired. Some nights we would instant message each other until the wee hours. Websites and pictures of mini items flew from her computer to mine and mine to hers. We laughed, disagreed, swapped ideas, pictures of our goodies and generally had a fun time.

After about a year and a half. I got the news. Someone in the chat-room shared that my friend had died of a heart attack. It explained why she was not responding to my emails. That was March, 2011. Gypsy has left a legacy or should I say a passion of mini play in my heart. I took off about a year before I could really get back into it again without her.

Since then, I have met so many really wonderful miniaturists and fashion doll friends online and off.

The purpose of was to present a 1:12 version of the really neat 1:6 doll dramas we used to enjoy. We talked about how I wanted my dolls to be glamorous like those diva fashion dolls with lives and humor that we used to giggle about.

Well, here is my attempt at that...

Here's to you Gypsy! Miss you and hope there is an Ebay in heaven! :-D

Who is that peeping out of the window?

More about her in the next post!

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  1. Hello Grandmommy,
    While it is sad that is a beautiful story. I am so glad you got back into miniatures. I just love your work and that magic touch that is yours and no one else's.
    Big hug to you, and one for Gypsy,

    1. Giac,

      Thank you so much. It just goes to show people are in your life for a reason or a season. Sometimes both.
      Major hugs :-)

  2. It is so good that you came back to the miniatures! I know, how it feels, my beloved hubby died more than 4 years ago and it is not a year I began new with miniatures. Oh, my bad English, hope you will unserstand!
    Hugs from Germany

    1. Hannelore Strehler-Baur,,
      I know exactly what you mean. Some things go beyond words. I am glad you didn't wait too long to get back into minis.
      Mini world is one world we CAN control. :-)

  3. Hello from Spain: I'm sorry the loss of your friend. I'm sure your friend will be in heaven. We hope for a better world. I'm glad to read that you come back to the thumbnails. I also I have several dollhouses. Your dollhouse blue color is awesome. - Keep in touch

  4. Marta,

    Thanks. Just think if I had not come back I would not have met you! :-)

  5. That is a lovely story with a sad ending. I'm glad you had your friend Grypsy,, because without that you wouldn't have started your blog!

  6. Ruth,

    The happy ending is that I get to meet people like you! That was her purpose in my life. :-)

    1. That is such a sweet thing to say <3. I have found so many long distance mini friends since I started my blog. On the whole other bloggers are so generous with their advice and encouragement!
      It sounds like your friendship with Gypsy was a gift that keeps on giving :)

    2. Ruth,
      Thanks so much. I really miss her.


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