Saturday, March 23, 2013

Laugh Break!

 Come on and take a minute from your crafting to have a laugh! Someone from one of my Yahoo mini groups shared this with the group. Funny!

I'm glad I did!

Something for you to enjoy while I get new posts ready for you. :-)

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Now that I have decided to create a "neighborhood", I thought I should know more about the houses I am working with and those in general. I knew a little about architecture and house designs. My guess was that there was much much more to know. I knew I wanted a custom houses look and I didn't want a street with cookie cutter houses. I even considered changing a few things to change the style of a couple of them. That is where the research began.

It appears that three of my dollhouses are what is called "foursquare", which makes them look somewhat similar to one another.  I am still checking to see if that is correct. In my quest to learn, I came across this info. It is a list of house styles you might see anywhere in the United States even though some are traditionally regional/national styles. House Styles
 It is Wikipedia so take that into consideration. I still found it useful.

While it is not always necessary to go by the book, creativity makes things interesting, there are times when we do want to use style and period references in our work.

I hope this information was helpful!

Pretty basic with the notable foursquare look

This is the same as above except for the porch and additional roof area.

Even though this is much larger than the others it still has the basic look

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Here Comes the Neighborhood!

Ok, so I was shopping in a thrift shop a few days ago while talking on the phone to my friend Jean. As a matter of fact, it is the same one where she and I first met. We chatted about a few things then all of a sudden I could only say, Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! There before me were two beautiful doll houses with three bags of furniture!  This time, unlike before, I rushed over and looked at their tags. They were not sold! In the mean time, Jean was on the other end saying. "What!What!What! Funny of all people she would be the one on the other end at that time!

I told her what I saw and all she could say was, "are they sold? Oh! Are they sold! Still standing there, I expressed my guilt about how many dollhouses I already had and how it would be ridiculous to buy not one but two more! Jean assured me that if it were her...she would certainly buy them. Ok, I said...I am getting them. And that I did. Take a look.

This is the larger of the two. I can do a lot with that porch

I love the little curtains. And it is electrified! But, needs to be reconnected.

I will show the insides of these houses when I start working on them. Which might be soon.
I am now setting up a "neighborhood" in my studio.
We know how I am always doing multiple projects at once. :0D

For years I never even saw ONE they are everywhere! LOL

Click on pictures for a larger view

Sunday, March 10, 2013

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Mini Jazzi in Florida

After much hand wringing by her aunties, Mini Jazzi finally arrived at her next destination! She visited in Florida in February.

She seems to be getting much needed down time after her travels. She has made a few friends and seems to be really enjoying her visit. Go check her out!

Where to next?

Click on picture for a larger view

A Real Friend-No Request Needed

I recently went to visit my dolly friend. She and I became friends after I had a mini sofa in my shopping cart at one of our favorite thrift stores and she thought the cart was abandoned. I have a habit of putting stuff in my cart then finding myself further away from it as I wander down the isle. I came back  let everyone eyeing my goodies know they were spoken for.
Later, I ended up behind Jean at the cash register. She mentioned she liked the sofa and she had dollhouses. What! I was just lamenting that I didn't have anyone in person to enjoy dollhousing. She was feeling the same way. We took one another's information and the rest is well mini-stry. LOL

We are like to giggly little girls when we are together. I guess that is the idea. Being a miniaturists is like being ageless and timeless. I am sure she and I will have lots more to share in the future.

Jean has projects that are actually completed! So, I asked if I could get a few shots to share with all of you.

This is a bird cage turned pet shop!

For pet lovers

This is a gorgeous metalic jewelry box

Still unfinished open view.
 A mirror is going on the back wall and maybe a couple on the inside of the doors.

Time for a clock shop. Many of the clocks actually keep time!
A jewelry shop is on the second floor. An antique store in a breadbox is on the bottom.
The top floor is yet unfinished..

I love that she used a gold picture frame for the door! She made everything in the store except the cash register. Click to get a better view!

This is a mixture of several buildings to become either a bed and breakfast complete with open air restaurant or a castle.
Heyyy why not both!

One day, I was disappointed because I didn't win a certain doll on Ebay. My dolly friend promptly made not one, but two dollies for me and surprised me with a baby too!
She looks like a few people I know! I mussed her hair a little trying to pose her.
Jean even made the eyeglasses and gave me more to take home!
The whole idea was that I wanted dolls in various sizes. How do you like that sassy gal with the shoes, purse and matching hat? :-D (both have polished finger and toenails-giggle!)

Isn't she a cutie? She is even wearing a diaper!


Look how natural her hair looks!
 Yup! Like I said...A Real Friend-No Request Needed!  :-)

Click on pictures for a larger view