Wednesday, February 6, 2013

This Little Light of Mine/Suck it up!

This is one of those duh discoveries. Many of you may have already figured this out. I found each of these lights for a dollar at the dollar store. I orginally thought they would make great spotlights for  pieces of art and I am still guessing they will.

What I found was they make life so much easier when I am trying to see into the recesses of my dollhouse rooms. Here are three of the styles I saw. I am sure there are lots more. They clip where ever you want them, then swivel!

 I like the bullet shaped one because the light is stronger and it is more sturdy than the black one.  I have not tried the red one with the long neck.They all come with the needed batteries. Be careful though. The lights grow dim with prolonged usage. So, they are best for quick jobs. If you are able to locate more batteries, I supose you could use them to your heart's content!

I also have refound a set of vacuum nozzles that are the perfect size for minis without sucking up your precious assessories. I have yet to use this tool kit although, I must have had it for six or seven years. I lose it then find it. Now to try it out.

These come in a variety of colors also

The mini light at the top is not currently on. I just wanted to show the position that I clip it. It works great while I am working on this room!
Now just the mini light is on to show the beam. I usually have as much lighting as I can get.
The battery is not needed. It is  just there for size reference.
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  1. Hello Grandmommy,
    Great tools! I am sure they will make your life easier. I like the vaccum very much. Good lighting has to be the most important thing in miniature to avoid mistakes. enjoy using your new tools.
    big hug,

    1. Giac,
      Thanks. I think I will get my money's worth out of them.:-)
      Look for your package soon!

  2. Cute and handy accessories! Thanks for sharing! Have to get to a dollar store ;-)

  3. D7ana,

    You are very welcome! I love shopping there.Let me know if you see some other cool stuff! :-)

  4. Hello from Spain, these mini Lights are very helpful to see everything perfect. Great findings. Keep in touch

  5. Awesome finds. The lights seem to have a couple of applications - practical for 1:1 and imaginative for mini spaces. Can you explain the vacuum thingie a bit more? Sorry to be duncified, but I’m not sure what it is.

  6. Hi Roville!
    Sorry I realize I wasn't clear about the vacuum parts. They actually attach to your 1:1 vacuum with an adapter. So you get big suction for small places! I will do a repost on it. Thanks for pointing that out. :-)

  7. Love these lil lights! I have several in different kinds!

    1. Chynadoll, It took me a while to figure it out. LOL
      I saw someone use the them with the three point lighting from one of my past posts.


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