Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Big and little beauties

Here are two of my girls. One "big" one "little."  I own over 70 male and female fashion size dolls and at this point over 40, 1:12 scale dolls. Right now I am making wardrobes for the 1:12 because modern clothing for them is either hard to find or expensive.
Most of you already know the 1:12 doll is approximately half the size of her friend at 5 1/2". You might notice that her dress is the same size as Barbie's top. LOL 
I plan to do the doll stories in 1:12 and I will tell you why once the show gets on the road.

Bet you didn't know that 1:12 scale dolls and 1:6 scale dolls got along so well!

The house was made by The Little Tikes Company

Does size really matter? No! All girls just want to have fun!
 Oh yea, I made those quicky outfits.


  1. Wow! What a great collection of dolls you have!
    I loved the clothes!
    I loved seeing them side by side. ;)

  2. Thanks Eliana. I am just a big doll lover. I also have a collection of Cabbage Patch and others.

  3. So nice to see the two getting along so well. I love that first picture. Great choice of fabric for the dresses. Love the little Tyke house too. It never dawned on me that was the perfect size house for 1:12.

    1. Thanks about the fabric Van. It seems most of my best outcomes are from grabbing things at the last the fabric. LOL
      Not all Little Tike products fit well with 1:12 so be careful.


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