Monday, May 28, 2012

A new mall!

I saw this several months ago in guest it...a thrift shop. Immediately, when I saw it, my mind said, "whatever it is has three mini floors on it." At first, I thought of each section being a separate expression.

The inside before anything was done

Then, I thought maybe a mansion with nine rooms.

Finally, I got it! A mall! As soon as I decided, all kinds of goodies and ideas began to present themselves. Nine stores in a mall. I even found something that looked like an escalator.

Now, we know it won't get done in a couple of months, but I am proud to say that I have already started. Here is where I have gotten so far.

Top floor  front with stones added to give it more texture

Entire front painted

I used textured spray paint from Walmart to give it that concrete look. Then I  added small stones from my garden while the paint was still wet.

This is the stand for the mall. I don't know how I will paint it. Maybe black textured to look like the parking lot it sits on. Don't you just love the hearts? My favorite.

I am now working on the walls/wallpaper.


  1. Love your site! Cant waite to see what you post next!!

  2. Nice find! Now I am anxious to see the mall. Sometimes I forget how small 1:12 scale is. Hurry up! Don't keep us waiting too long.

    1. Ok stores are rolling around in my head. I had a nice list then a few other stores came into my head. LOL
      Even a mall office was a thought.

      I will start on the ones I KNOW I am going to keep.

      Thanks for the inspiration. :-)

  3. Hi William,

    Thanks! Well, I guess I had better get busy then. :-)


It is fun hearing from all of you!