Monday, May 28, 2012

A new mall!

I saw this several months ago in guest it...a thrift shop. Immediately, when I saw it, my mind said, "whatever it is has three mini floors on it." At first, I thought of each section being a separate expression.

The inside before anything was done

Then, I thought maybe a mansion with nine rooms.

Finally, I got it! A mall! As soon as I decided, all kinds of goodies and ideas began to present themselves. Nine stores in a mall. I even found something that looked like an escalator.

Now, we know it won't get done in a couple of months, but I am proud to say that I have already started. Here is where I have gotten so far.

Top floor  front with stones added to give it more texture

Entire front painted

I used textured spray paint from Walmart to give it that concrete look. Then I  added small stones from my garden while the paint was still wet.

This is the stand for the mall. I don't know how I will paint it. Maybe black textured to look like the parking lot it sits on. Don't you just love the hearts? My favorite.

I am now working on the walls/wallpaper.

Friday, May 25, 2012

A real mini world!

How cute is this!

Simple lighting

I like to make roomboxes. I will share pictures of some that I am working on. In my mind a dollhouse or roombox is never completed. There is always another touch that would make it that much better.

Some time ago I took a dollhouse wiring class. It was in Atlanta and was a good drive. I need to go back and get a refresher, which they offer for free, for my dollhouse.

 Roomboxes however, look gangly with all of that wiring. So, a solution! wireless lighting. Just stick them where you want them to go and voila! The great thing is the battery is replaceable unlike the small LED lights.

I found a company in the United Kingdom that has a wide assortment of them and I plan to order some very soon. As soon as they can be installed they will be in a post with an evaluation.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Do you know what these are?

I am a thrift shopaholic. I can't drive or walk past or even hear of one without stopping in. I am on a first name basis with most of the staff in the local ones.
Well, I was browsing in one on "senior day" when I found these. I am not sure what they are for, but I get new ideas each time I look at them. I noticed the word Mattel imprinted on them. What they were going to be or supposed to be used for is beyond me. I have several more in various shapes.
If anyone recognizes them please let me know what they were meant to be. Just curious.
 At any rate, expect them to morph into such things as tables, walls and anything else that jumps out at me. LOL

Mini friends of playscale Morristown couple

Rod and Danielle of Van's doll treasure blog recently had a lovely wedding. One of my couples was ready for all of the excitement of the wedding and the soon to be reception. They are 1:12 scale. The wedding is playscale Barbies.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

I am finally here!

Today is the first of many blogs about crafting. Usually what you see here will be about the miniatures in my life. I also enjoy making life-sized projects. I waited until the time was right then I jumped in with two feet. My hope is to grow with you, through you and in front of you as I become more serious and refined in the world of crafts.
Please join me! :-)